Quick Base Release Notes for May 2018

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Our May 2018 release is coming up and our Quick Base release notes can be found here:


It’s springtime, and we’ve taken a great leap toward simplifying the Quick Base experience for app builders and end users alike. We’re spotlighting features that make it easier for you to:

  • Build powerful apps with Quick Base Automations
  • Find the app you need with a new My Apps page
  • Find data for your reports with Report Builder enhancements
Also for admins, the May release features new use cases for audit logs, improved navigation for the Admin Console, and realm-level visibility into user tokens.

Release Features
  • Advanced search form
  • Realm-level visibility into user tokens
  • Improved navigation for the Admin Console
Early Access
  • Kanban reports early access
  • Realm-specific encryption keys
Quick Base University
New May courses:

These highlighted features and more can be found in further detail in our May release notes. Quick Base Automations, the new my Apps page, and a new create an app flow will all be available on Monday, May 21, 2018. The rest of the features and fixes listed in these release notes will be available starting May 20, 2018. To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page. 
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    Evan Martinez, Community Manager

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    I think that the new feature will show up later today. In future, my understanding is that features which are not tied to the legacy database will be able to be released “on the fly” and hence not tied to the usual Sunday morning release cycle. Quick Base is off loading new functionality to a completely different and newer Archecture.

    I suspect that somewhere at Quick Base there are some Engineers having their morning coffee and getting the right “hands on deck” lined up to turn on the new feature.
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    Somewhere in the depths of the documentation it says it will be available today (Monday, 21 May).  But it is a bit confusing to have it included as part of the release notes but not part of the release, huh?
    Arguably, if they release it at noon, then it will still be Monday. :)

    But we will see what happens.  This is the first time they have had a release which has not been all at once on a Sunday morning.

    But I have empathy for the issue.  The UI will change for my uses and I want to jump in there first thing in the morning on Monday or during Sunday and be one step ahead to answer questions for my users.
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    Evan Martinez, Community Manager

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    Mark is correct that after our last UI update this time around the decision was made to use the Release to lay the groundwork for the changes and our usual monthly release for updates and then launch the new My Apps page and the create new app from scratch experience this morning so that our full team would be available for the change over. This way we would be ready to field questions and have everyone on hand for any issues that may come up since the change over does not require us to take down our service like the lion share of our release does. It is set to go into effect this morning and we are really eager to hear what everyoen thinks once it does.