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Is there a way to select a specific time for an email notification to be sent?  I would like to set some up to arrive around 6:00am in Europe but can't figure out a way to do that.  This wouldn't apply to all of my email notifications, just a few of them.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello, Stacey, 

My name is Lovell and I am with QuickBase Care. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately there isn't a way to determine when a notification can be set. 


QuickBase Care
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Arshad Khwaja

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I have a similar issue that I would look to send a notification or alert based on weeks to go scenario. If I cannot achieve this as part of the notification, do we have any other option?
You can use a "Reminder" type email as opposed to a Notification.
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Arshad Khwaja

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I am aware of other types of alerts.  Reminder is so basic that it does not allow you attach a report.
Then send a Subscription report. Make a report that catches the record say 2 weeks ahead of some date and fire it every day.
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Arshad Khwaja

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That is the problem.  I need to send a subscription even if there is no change in the data. Could there be a data that changes by the calendar  and triggers?
You can make a formula checkbox field with a formula that will be true if today is say seven days ahead of your date field.

Then set up a subscription report with that filter. The only records that will be on that report will be records which are exactly 7 days I had off your date field.
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Arshad Khwaja

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Thanks Mark.  Tried to use the following to create a check box but this is selecting records even later than the alert date.

Today() < [Trolleys  Alert]-Days(7), true)
Make it =

Today() = [Trolleys  Alert]-Days(7), true)
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Arshad Khwaja

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As always, grateful for the guidance.
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Users are receiving the subscription notifications between 1 and 3 AM. Many of these users are on-call personnel who need to be watchful of their phones overnight because their crews are working out on the field and need to report on any emergency issues.

The subscription reports they receive do not fall in the "emergency" category, But their phones go off at different intervals between 1 and 3AM every time they receive these reports which is extremely annoying and unnecessary.

They do need to have them in their mailbox by 8AM at the latest.  Is there really no way to accomplish this????
You could perhaps sent the emails to a general mailbox and use your email program rules to schedule a forwarding of that email to relevant parties.

You could write some code that runs once per day at a specific time to email people with a link to the reports.

You could partner with a developer that has add-on tools that expand the capabilities of emails.

Unfortunately though, there is not currently a native way of simply scheduling an email to fire at a specific time in quickbase.
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Hi Stacey,  we have a 3rd party add-on called Courier for QuickBase that can be scheduled to run at a specific time to process your email configurations.
more info here

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Is there a way to change the time that Notifications send? Our users are getting emails at 2:30 in the morning, and I would like to to change this to 8:00 am.
Not without using an add-on service.
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Hi Jake,

It is still true that natively there is not a way to designate when a subscription or reminder is sent out. They are all grouped to send out with an automated process that runs across all of the applications in Quick Base at once. There are some existing user voice requests focused on this issue and I always recommend if you feel this is something that would benefit your company and enhance your usage of Quick Base to include it in User Voice or add your vote to one of the existing requests. User Voice can most easily be accessed from the My Apps page in Quick Base by clicking on the orange Feedback tab or at http://quickbase.uservoice.com. It is one of the tools our Product Development team uses when gauging user interest in future enhancements and features.