Using form rules and bulk imports.

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I'm looking to clear/blank out data in "Field A" whenever someone changes "Field B" or "Field C".

The idea behind this is, a user would be "Approved" (Field A) based on specific data in B and C ... but if the data changes in B and C, then the user would need to be re-approved so we would blank out the "Approved" field and the user would need to be reassessed etc.

I can do this easily via form rules, however, I'm conscious of the fact that users are also using spreadsheets to upload - therefore they could do a bulk import that changes the value of "Field B" and "Field C" and the form rule wouldn't kick on - so the "Field A" remains as "Approved" when it should be blanked out.

Looking for any advice here - cheers.

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Posted 3 years ago

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One approach is to change the field properties in B and C and in fact A to log changes.  That will allow you to capture the date and time that the fields were updates.

You would have another set of  fields which would extract, by formula, the most current values, and date time updated for each field.

Then you would be able to determine that validity of the approval, since if it was before the date time of the last change to Band C, the approved formula would calculate to not approved.