What is the best way to implement a table for translating phrases between two languages?

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I have a table of tasks, with each task having a description of what's required to complete it - this is being populated manually.

The problem is - I would like to allow the input to be in either English or French, with another field that provides a translation of the input language to the other language.  We can't use a browser translation-type tool, because the description of each task has to be very accurate and clear in both languages (which you don't get with automated translation).  Instead, the idea is to use a translator to populate a table of corresponding English and French phrases as they appear in the tasks.

Question #1: Ideally - when a phrase is added, it would be looked up in the phrase table and translated if it is present, or added to one side of the phrase table if it isn't (the translator would then just fill in the blanks in the phrase table).  Is this at all possible?

Question #2: I realise that the functionality in Q1 may be quite tricky - so to simplify the problem, I'm considering manually adding new records to the phrase table.  However, because a phrase might need to be looked up in either English or French, this table essentially needs to have two different key fields - which obviously isn't supported.  I was wondering if there is a workaround for this problem.  It's still quite important that corresponding English and French phrases can be edited in the same table - so that updating the translations doesn't become a confusing process that jumps around the app.


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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Samuel -

This gets a little bit tricky due to the encoding of characters. This may be something for us to review together and perhaps our translator tool can assist: https://www.mcftech.com/technology/add-ons-extensions/mcf-translator/

Feel free to reach out with thoughts or questions if you'd like to discuss further.
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My name is Lovell and I am with QuickBase Care. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to accomplish this ins native QuickBase. It may be wise to reach out to a QuickBase Partner (like Harrison with MCF) to see if there is a way he can assist you with an add on of some sort. 



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