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  • Hi Dwight thanks for your comments & questions! Here are my answers: For the beta, is there a way to switch between the current view and the beta view? This was asked in one of our meetings and Edi said that yes it was possible to do this! ...

  • Thanks for your post Tammie! I'm tagging @Sean Boat-Moore so he can see your comment. Sean was the awesome presenter in our July meeting. Sean do you have any other tips or feedback to share about your experiences with the Outlook Channel? ------------------------------ ...



  • Welcome to the Pipelines Customer Network Qrew Group!


    Welcome to our new area of the Qrew Community devoted to our lively Pipelines Qrew.

    This is where we will:

    • Continue discussions outside of the meetings. Feel free to post questions & discussions here!
    • I will post announcements for the group
    • Post upcoming meetings & RSVP 
    • Quickbase folks will post blogs
    • We can use the image library to share YAMLs! This is something you all have requested in past meetings. 

    I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with you all here.