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    Third Trivia Question!

    Posted in: Philadelphia Qrew

    Hello everyone! Here is our third Philadelphia Trivia Question: If you're going to hit up Reading Terminal Market with a Philly local and they tell you to "meet me at the pig," you'll have to look for a statue of a coin-collecting, good-luck-charm ...

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    Second Trivia Question!

    Posted in: Philadelphia Qrew

    Hello everyone! Here is our second Philadelphia Trivia Question: What "F" square on 6th St in Philadelphia, was designed by William Penn while laying out his plan for the city? Its name is the last name of an inventive founding father. ------------------------------ ...

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    Qrew Event Trivia Question!

    Posted in: Philadelphia Qrew

    In preparation for our first Philadelphia Qrew event, we will be asking a series of Philadelphia based trivia questions. If you answer the question correctly the same day it was posted, you get a point. People with the most points will get a Philadelphia ...

  • Posted in: Philadelphia Qrew

    Welcome and thank you for joining the Philadelphia Qrew Group! We are excited to start fostering this Quickbase community and connect with all of the Quickbase users in the city. This is your space, use it to ask questions, network, or keep track of all ...



  • Welcome to the Philly Qrew

    Join us on Thursday, February 15th, at 3pm EST for our first Philly Qrew event. We'll introduce your Qrew Group leader, Mihir, from the City of Philadelphia office of the CAO, and we'll discuss the 2024 Quickbase Product Roadmap as a group!

    More details on agenda coming soon!