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    Welcome and POP QUIZ!!!

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    👋 Hey Houston Quickbase Enthusiasts! 👋 Welcome to our brand-new Houston Qrew , the go-to spot for all things Quickbase in the H-Town area! 🚀 We're stoked you're here and can't wait to dive into some awesome Quickbase convos with y'all. ...

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    Well, Bob, if I COULD make it fold laundry... We've all had them. A user is so excited to tell you their idea and then BAM! Umm..I'm sorry, you want it to do what?? What's the most outrageous request you've ever gotten from a user? And what happened?!? ...

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    Boy, if I had a nickel... Volunteered or Volun-"told", people start working in Quickbase in every kind of way. How did YOU get your start down the rabbit hole?! ------------------------------ Blake Harrison Systems Analyst / Quickbase Developer BCF ...

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    Working from home can be great, but where do you go when you REALLY want to get away?! ------------------------------ Blake Harrison Systems Analyst / Quickbase Developer BCF Partners Capital Houston TX ------------------------------



  • Come Join Us October 26th

    The Houston Qrew is launching! 

    Join @Blake Harrison, your Qrew Group leader, and @Ankit Shah from Quickbase as we launch the Houston Qrew! 

    The Houston Qrew will be your go-to local resource for Quickbase tips and tricks. Local meetups allow you opportunities to connect in person and get away from your office!