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    Tell Us About Yourself

    Welcome to the AEC Customer Network Qrew! Tell us a little about you! Where do you live? What do you do for a living? How long have you worked in your field? What's one building in the history of time you wish you would have been able ...

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    Magic Wand

    You have a Magic Wand. It's an incredibly specific magic wand and it only has one special power: it can magically change Quickbase and add (or enhance) one feature. What feature are you adding/improving and why? How do you go about using Quickbase ...



  • Welcome to the AEC Customer Network Qrew!


    Welcome to our new area of The Qrew devoted to Qrew Members who work in Architecture, Engineering, or Construction.

    This is where we will:

    • Continue discussions outside of the meetings. Feel free to post questions & discussions here!
    • Post announcements for the group
    • Post upcoming meetings info
    • Quickbase folks will post blogs
    • We can use the image library to share tips and best practices. 

    We're looking forward to keeping in touch with you all here.