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Healthcare Industry Discussion: Workflow Automation within Technology Implementations

Join us here to discuss how playmakers within the healthcare industry are utilizing low-code technology to manage and improve the implementation experience of strategic initiatives – from patient care management solutions to medical equipment & software adoption.

Tell us a bit more about your own experiences in Healthcare (there are a few example questions below or you can feel free to talk about what is bringing you to the Healthcare Industry session):  

  • How do you balance improving continuously with ensuring your changes have structure, standards, and governance for long term success?
  • How do you approach disruption?

Also we would love to know a bit more about you, this session can be a great way to network and get to know other builders in your space (some example questions below):

  • What would the title of your biography be?
  • What is a song/album that you use to help you get pumped up or focused when taking on a new project?

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  • Hey Team,

    When we initially began planning for a "networking session", we considered that it'd be fairly traditional – host industry leaders in a group setting, potentially provide some food & beverage, and enable an open forum platform for knowledge-share…

    And then our environmental conditions changed (not too dissimilar from most projects, I suppose – ha), and now we're virtual!


    Sadly, no food & beverage to be provided; however, we can still meet our end state of face-to-face (granted, via webcam) interaction by professionals who get stuff done and an exchange of best practices & creative ideas.


    We are fortunate to be able & share an experience from a leading Program Manager within the healthcare industry who's adopted low-code technology within her organization, and our intent is to spur innovative ideas while expanding professional networks; attendees can expect:


    • 5 minutes of introductions
    • 15-20 minutes of a guided conversation (which we've really only asked one thing from Staci – honesty!)
    • 15-20 minutes of open forum conversation (ask questions & receive answers!)
    •  5 minutes of closing (and offering attendees the ability to exchange points-of-contact; we'll help coordinate these efforts for those that provide permission)


    Please feel free to post/prompt any questions or comments here within this thread – we'll leave this page open for at least a few days after the conference, and even longer if deemed to be a helpful space!

    As always, much appreciation!


    Kory Hoppes
    Sr. Solutions Consultant
    Quick Base