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Mobile Tools for Quickbase

Quickbase is a low code platform, it is great for businesses and people with low coding experience, but its limited integration with the most used device in the world is what we are here to solve.

We at ArkOne Software introduce "Mobile Tools for Quickbase", a mobile app that works on Androids and iPhones'. It works with your existing Quickbase setup, so just configure your app and make your Quickbase life easier.

Mobile Tools for Quickbase

Mobile Tools for Quickbase uses the ever-powerful Quickbase API to work. All the heavy lifting is done by the app while all you have to do is sit back and let it work.

A quick overview of the app:- Video - Mobile Tools for Quickbase

We provide a range of tools that integrates your phone and your Quickbase database. Some of the tools that we offer are:- 

-File Tool
Download/Upload files to and from your phone's storage

-Contacts Tool
                 Upload phone contacts to your QuickBase table from your phone and also add a new contact from your QuickBase table to your phone.

-Data Change Alert Tool
                 Get a real-time notification on your phone when your record changes in the Quickbase table.

-Event Scheduler Tool
                 Check your schedules from Quickbase or create a new event record. Quickly add events into your iOS/Android calendar. It's an all-in-one Simple Schedular For Quickbase.

-Image Resizer Tool
                 With this tool, you can quickly and conveniently resize, scale, screw and rotate images. The edited image gets saved into the same record. No hassle!

-Data Grid Editor Tool
                 This tool can help you do those quick edits in multiple records from a page view and save them all at once on the go.

-Signature Tool
                 This tool can help you to capture signatures on your phone or tablet. The electronically signed image file is then automatically uploaded into the file field of the record.

More tools are being built and existing tools are being refined as per user feedback.

No signup is required to use this tool so give this tool a go and see how it enhances your Quickbase experience.

If you want to contact us or have any feedback or suggestions, please visit Contact ArkOne Software

Arkone Software
ArkOne Software
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