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6 years ago

Quick Base Release Notes for August 2018

In our August Release weÕre continuing to deliver on our core initiatives within Trust, Simplicity, and Power. WeÕve made numerous enhancements to our popular features, such as:

  • Kanban reports: Dynamic filtering and sorting by user fields
  • Quick Base Automations: Copy an automation and enhanced usability
  • Admin Console: Deactivate user tokens and create new users
 Full details on the release can be found at the link below:

The August release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed in these release notes, is available starting Sunday, August 19, 2018. 

Release Features
  • Kanban reports: Dynamic filtering, sorting by user fields, and more
  • Quick Base Automations: Increased limits, copy an automation, enhanced usability, and more
  • Admin Console: Improved Apps (Beta) page, Deactivate user tokens, create new users, and more
  • Our new App Icons and Colors now display on Mobile
Early Access
  • Audit Logs: View data changes
  • Type-ahead search for record picker
  • Identity management
  • Scroll and load forms (Having great popularity inspired by our Community and their interest in the feature)
New on the Quick Base Community: 
Quick Base University Blog .  Check out the August Blog Post for our new course offerings along with a helpful tip on using subscriptions to send reports to your appÕs users on a regular basis..

These highlighted features and more can be found in further detail in our August release notes. To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page.

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    Evan, Speaking of Dynamic Filters, is there a way to customize the labels like we do for the report column headers? Sometimes, based on the relationships and the source of the fields. their names are too lengthy with dashes and what not. So in the reports as well as on forms one can customize the column headers/field labels, right? Similarly, we want to give customize the labels for the fields used in the dynamic filters too so they are user friendly.I have made this request on user voice a long time ago and wish Quick Base helps us out there.
  • That isn't something that currently exists without renaming the field unfortunately Surya. A work around would be to create a formula field with the simplified name and then use that simplified field as your dynamic filter. That way it will have the exact right name for the Dynamic filter and since it is a formula field it can be set to just perfectly mirror the values in your actual fields. It requires a little extra work but can help to create that effect you are looking for. 

    I would also recommend throwing a link to that User Voice here in the post so that others who see this can also add their vote as well since newer users might not have seen it yet.