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Small Business Round Table

Welcome to the Small Business Roundtable community thread. Collaborate here with your SMB peers, share best practices, and learn how others are maximizing the power of Quick Base.

Tell us a bit more about your own experiences in SMB (there are a few example questions below or you can feel free to talk about what is bringing you to the SMB Roundtable):  

  • What is the biggest struggle with implementing new software applications in SMB environments?
  • What types of approaches have you taken to work through these struggles?
  • How do you build resilience into your planning?
Also we would love to know a bit more about you, the Roundtable can be a great way to network and get to know other builders in your space (some example questions below):

  • If you could see any musician living or dead in concert who would be it be? Would it be a specific concert at a specific time?
  • What is a song/album that you use to help you get pumped up or focused when taking on a new project?
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  • Hi Everyone, 

    Colin Murphy here from Quick Base.  I'll be leading the Small Business Round Table Discussion at EMPOWER!  A little background about me: I've been with Quick Base for about 4 years and I lead a team of 9 Account Executives who help small and medium-size businesses just like yours, evaluate the Quick Base platform and launch their first applications.
    During our session at EMPOWER we'll kick things off by having a couple customers share their Quick Base stories with the entire group.  Then we will break into smaller groups to ask questions, network and collaborate.  We have a number of questions prepared to stimulate conversation but would love to hear from all of you about what you'd like to discuss.  Feel free to post topics/questions you'd like to discuss during our session here in the thread.


    Colin Murphy
    Sales Manager
    (EMPOWER Facilitator)
    Quick Base

  • Evan I am so excited to have the opportunity to chat with builders working in a small business setting! Thanks for setting this up. In my work as head app builder at a small non-profit, I find my biggest struggle is launching an application that can meet the needs of such a diverse scope of work. Thanks to QuickBase and it's incredibly flexibility, I created 100% customized apps for our teams. Usually, I approach this by engaging our direct users early on to understand their needs and how I can implement them into the QB app of their dreams.  The process, while time consuming at first, is essential in building efficiency long term.  However, I have yet to formalize a way to build resiliency and would love to hear what other builder's have experienced.  

    To get through all the building and planning, I have two soundtracks. For when I am just about to give up, Queen and Freddie Mercury to the rescue. When I am energized and ready to keep going, I throw in a little Egyptian folk music for flavor.

    Nada Mousa
  • I did not get a chance to attend the Small Business Round Table as I attended the Construction One (I fall into both).  But very excited to communicate in here and maybe get some value from this team as we joined Quick Base a year ago after a long search for software that "understood" our work environment.  None did.  It has been a complete transformation for us and an amazing experience.

    The struggle is I as the COO am also the chief builder lol.  So hard to get things to the team fast enough!

    Ivan Weiss