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    not tested but try this as a formula checkbox called [OK to Cancel Shift?] var date LastDateToCancel = AdjustMonth(FirstDayOfMonth([Shift Date]),-1) + Days(14); Today() <= LastDateToCancel ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase ...

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    The comparison of equals in Jinja is == , like this: {% if a.number_of_attempts == "First Attempt" %} ------------------------------ Doug Henning ------------------------------

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    Yes, it is. ------------------------------ Anne Martin ------------------------------

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    Sigh, yep. That seems to have been the issue. I hate those dumb mistakes, but at least they're easy to fix. Appreciate it! ------------------------------ Harrison Smith ------------------------------

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    Has anyone figured out how to find out which Pipeline a field is in? If you go to the usage tab, their will be an indicator that your field is in a Pipeline. However, the number given seems to have no relation to the Pipeline (in any useful way). Has ...

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    There is a way to do this but it would take an hour or two have set up work to get this done and the scope of the answer is beyond what can be answered on this forum. I did something similar for a client where users are entering location updates ...

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