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    I am not understanding your desired workflow. Are you saying that the user is entering a check in record which may or may not be duplicate? Is that the beginning of this process? For now leave aside all the technical stuff and it just explain your workflow. ...

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    Well, each Action of an Automation (and you can have 50 of them in One Automaton) can have it's own filter and table that it is acting on. Twist open the twisty to see the filter. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution ...

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    You can have a 1 record / 1 field report in the Home Page to display an image. Then just change the image from time to time, ie change the file attachment. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution Provider Your Quick Base ...

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    RE: Quick Base Ads?

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    Hi Austin, yes. Overall, each of our in-product surveys will communicate with all Quick Base users in their proper context. Some surveys will be just for account admins, others for app builders, and some will be for end users. The specific survey Adam ...

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    Tim, were you able to figure anything out for this? We are trying to find a solution to print the barcode from QB. We have everything else in place. ------------------------------ Ursula ------------------------------

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    Add Import box to table

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    I am working on developing an estimating/proposal system to integrate with our current project management app that we have developed. Currently we receive estimates from several vendors and use an Excel sheet that we developed to aggragate those together ...

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