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    My native solution is to create a middle table called Project Day Assignments 1 Project has many Project Day Assignments 1 Capacity has many project day Assignments. That will allow you to summarize up to capacity to see where you have unused or overused ...

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    The "consistency" issue is that it depends where you launch from as to where you go back to. When you look at he URL code for the Add Child button, there is a last line like this & "&z=" & Rurl() That says " R eturn to the URL that you came from, ...

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    No really possible without adding a new table. You would need to have a table called Project Days where the Key field was a text field in the format: [Project #] - YYYY-MM-DD ie the Record ID# of the project followed by a date in text format.​ You ...

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    RE: Status Field based on date

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    Thanks, works ------------------------------ Ermias Bean ------------------------------

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    Thanks, Don! Will do. ------------------------------ Heather Bryant ------------------------------

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    Thornton Melon was talking about school but it applies to Users as well. ------------------------------ Don Larson Paasporter Westlake OH ------------------------------

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