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    thank you so much ------------------------------ Zana Skenderi ------------------------------

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    I have entered a report formula into my report to show all call types related to a user's ID # in the same column. For example, if user ID 123456 had one call on 5/1/22 for Call Type A and one call on 5/18/22 for Call Type B in the data table, the report ...

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    This sounds interesting, can you elaborate more on this solution? ------------------------------ Chris Swirtz ------------------------------

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    I must be missing something, because several months ago when we set up one of our applications to be used via the mobile app, we were able to search and find an EXISTING record within the app and edit it offline and have our updates pushed once we were ...

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    You would need to make a formula checkbox field as those more advanced operators re not supported. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) mark.shnier@gmail.com ------------------------------

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    Hello, OVERTIME BY WEEK I'm having trouble working out overtime in a summary report. I have a daily time card with [Time In] [Time Out] and it gives me ours worked per day, every day a new record is created with the time in time out. The state of Louisiana ...

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  • Preparing for Automations End of Support in June 2022

    Listening to feedback from our community we have made changes to our plan for Automations retirement. The next step in retiring Automations will come in June 2022, when the feature will reach End of Support.

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