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    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to update a lookup field, I couldn't find any information about updating look up fields via JSON RESTful API, however, API_EditRecord works, here is my payload: { "to": "tableid", "data": [ { "3":{ ...

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    Yes - the overthinking is a problem I got. Thanks a million! ------------------------------ Denis Rochat ------------------------------

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    Alex On the My Apps page there is a tab for product Feedback. You can post your request there. All feed back is reviewed by Quickbase Product Managers. If you like you can then post a link back here to solicit community support to rank your suggestion. ...

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    I was reading this post about Subtracting units from one Table based on entry into another Table regarding Inventory and Orders and getting the QOH formula field calculated. My question is if I replenish the starting inventory, e.g., 100, how can I reset ...

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    No problem Make s summary field on the relationship between Price Requests and Sourcing Answers. It should be the 2nd radio button called Any Sourcing answers. This will be a checkbox field type which will be checked if there are any sourcing answers ...

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    I was able to get it to work. thank you ------------------------------ BuildPro ------------------------------

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  • Preparing for Automations End of Support in June 2022

    Listening to feedback from our community we have made changes to our plan for Automations retirement. The next step in retiring Automations will come in June 2022, when the feature will reach End of Support.

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