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    Todd, QuickBase released the Audit Log feature earlier this year. You can learn how to set it up for your realm here . We've been using it for administrative audit purposes for a few months now, and it logs the data points you're after. ------------------------------ ...

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    I am trying to populate a work flow for my company based on two fields that will be filled out. Once the previous department completes their work i will have two fields populated. Product Line and Type. Based on those two fields i know who i want my workflow ...

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    no problem, Quick Base evaluates the IF statement conditions in the sequence as listed, so just deal with the more specific situations first. IF( [Specific type] = "Communications" and [Purchase Price] <= 2000, "Curley", [Specific type] = "Trade" ...

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    Anaya, Austin is right. Cleaning up Table 1 so that you have nice, clean normalized data will pay you dividends later. That kind of DB work is tedious but you will not regret it later. ------------------------------ Don Larson Paasporter Westlake ...

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    RE: Order to Line Items Process

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    Found the check box and that solved the problem. Voted for the enhancement too. Thanks for the quick help! This email and any attachments were sent from a Remington Seeds email account and may contain confidential and/or privileged ...

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    Thanks so much everyone! Just tried implementing this. I had to tweak that a bit as I actually have (3) fields that I need to combine into my userlist. I placed this in my "Users to Receive Notifications" field. The full code I used is as follows ...

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