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    Can you clarify the question? You say that the Projects record has a multi select field for the Users > is this a data entry field? If so what is the field type? Is it a list user field type? But then you also say that you have a child table of Resource ...

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    Sandbox Creation Error

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    Good evening everyone. I'm having issues creating a sandbox tonight. I've utilized them in the past and when I went to create one tonight to test out a new change I want to make, I got the below error and wanted to see if anyone else has seen this. ...

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    No, you are not understanding. The whole point of that formula is to run the <ask the user> report and answer the question and display the report immediately to the user upon click. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution ...

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    you will do this with Dynamic form Ruyles Condition When [My checkbox field] is true Action Make Required [My text field] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You didn't seem to be asking a separate question as to whether there is such a thing as a Formula ...

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    Hi all - I have 10 fields that are check-box fields; I want to be able to total / count the 'checks' or 'yes's and then create a pie chart of those 10 fields. How do I this? I've tried creating a summary report, but it's counting the no's as well ...

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    For anyone who finds this later on, I found a solution! Instead of trying to recreate the exporting of a report to a CSV and then importing it after changing some values, I instead approached the problem from a record by record basis. That is to say, ...

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