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    I apologize in advance for more questions. I'm still unable to get this working. My reports opens without the filter As Jason suggested , I've tried replacing %20 with \" , As Tom suggested , I made a formula which %22 with \" As Adam in ...

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    RE: Reports not rendering on page

    Posted in: Discussions

    Kelly, Put in a Support Case on this one. You are going to need someone to be able to log in and replicate the fault. ------------------------------ Don Larson Paasporter Westlake OH ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Thanks, Mark. I think this might be the easiest approach and should work for my application. ------------------------------ John Norwood ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Discussions

    You need this unchecked for your numeric fields. Example: Result with 2 values: Result with 1 value: So add an if to check if sum - min = 0 and return sum if true: Example: If(Sum([Cost Notes],[Note 2 Cost],[Note 3 Cost],[Note 4 ...

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    Thanks for the tip with the single quote. ------------------------------ Jason Johnson ------------------------------

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    There is probably a way to do it with custom code, but I don't believe there is a way to do this natively with the current release of Quick Base. Give some more details of the data and how you are interacting with the data and maybe someone can come ...

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