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    Hi all! We have a timeline report designed using the new style with color customization and all. We think the new timeline report style is a big improvement on the old one. We'd like to print the whole report to PDF so we can share it with a client, ...

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    Hi Is it possible to use field names on the RestAPIs, similar to the XML option? https://developer.quickbase.com/operation/upsert For the xml option you are able to use field names as follows: > Field names are nearly identical to field labels; ...

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    Hi Mark, Thank you! I appreciate your time and confirmation, and the suggestion is great. I will do that. Take care, Jen ------------------------------ Jennifer Juhasz ------------------------------

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    RE: Basic formula query issues

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    Thanks! Yes I agree, I have all her pages bookmarked and they are wonderful. I actually copy/pasted my formula directly off her tutorials, which is why I was so confused that this very simple task was not working. However, I updated my original post, ...

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    Thank you. I think I knew that, but the ole brain doesn't hold on to things like it used to! ------------------------------ BuildPro ------------------------------

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    Hi, Would anyone here know how to get the address subfield values when accessing data returned from the api? All I can access is the address field, but I need to get the city, state and zip separately. Thanks, QB ------------------------------ SPS ...

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  • Preparing for Automations End of Support in June 2022

    Listening to feedback from our community we have made changes to our plan for Automations retirement. The next step in retiring Automations will come in June 2022, when the feature will reach End of Support.

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