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Get the Help You Need: A Guide to Quickbase's Technical Support Tools

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Qrew Cadet
10 months ago
Navigating Quickbase is more than just building and managing applications. It’s about knowing how to ask for help, how to leverage the resources available to you, and where to find product updates to ensure smooth operations. In this blog post, we’ll recap the many ways you can get technical support to help you navigate Quickbase. 

How to Open a Case with the Technical Support team 

For help from our support team to troubleshoot, ask a question, or check on errors, you’ll want to connect with our wonderful technical support team. Click here for instructions on how to open a support case or manage your existing cases. 

Technical Support Team Expectations: 

  • Use Tech Support for one-off technical help, troubleshooting, and bug reporting. 

  • Technical Support Team is available 7AM-8PM ET M-F (or 24/7 for customers with an Ultimate Service Package)  

  • Our standard SLA for first response is 24 hours (shorter SLAs for customers subscribed to Enablement Services)  

  • 30-minute max phone calls or email communications  

  • Tech Support will not build for you; we have service offerings available for this 

  • Tech Support will not coach you through developing full solutions; we have service offerings available for this 

Watch How to Open a Support Case

How to Search Online Help 

You can click the “?” in the top right corner of your application to search the online help  


Use the search bar to find pertinent help files, Qrew Discussions, release notes and more. From here, you can also access the most recent release notes and get a sneak preview of what our product team is cooking up. 

You can also click here to access the latest version of our Online Help Library. 

Along the top of the page you’ll also find categories of articles that you may find useful:   

  • Building apps (Building Fundamentals, Relationships, Forms, Formulas, and more)  

  • Using apps (Add and modifying records, reports, emails, attachments, and more)  

  • Pipelines (Channels, Creating Pipelines, Scheduling Pipelines, and more)  

  • Managing accounts (Billing and Service Plans, Administration, Permissions, and more)  

  • APIs (JSON RESTful API Guide and JTTP API Reference)  

  • Resources (University, Community, Release Notes, Feedback, Managing Cases, & Terminology) 

Watch How to Access Online Help

How to Check the Status Page 

Subscribe to this page to get the most updated information on Quickbase's platform status. I like to compare checking the status page to looking under the hood of a car. Is everything running smoothly? If your apps, reports, or Pipelines are moving a lot slower than usual, you can check the status page as part of your troubleshooting. This page will tell you if there’s anything atypical happening on the Quickbase platform that our product team is addressing.  

Be sure to bookmark the status page to get a real-time status report with one click. 

Watch How to Access the Status Page 

How to use the App Exchange 

The App Exchange is a source of pre-built Quickbase apps made by other users like youIt's a good way to make use of other Quickbase app builders' expertise and get a fully functional app live faster than you could if you built it from scratch. Any app you get from the App Exchange is customizable, so you can make changes to suit your specific workflow and processes. To access the App Exchange, go to the “My Apps” page in Quickbase and click “explore sample apps”. Click here to learn more about using the App Exchange. 

In addition to the App Exchange described above, we have a new version of the exchange in beta! It is available as a tab on the top left side of the screen next to the solutions tab. What is neat about this beta version is that you can access both apps and formulas that you can use anywhere in your apps. Click here to learn more about this beta version of the exchange.  


Watch How to Access the App Exchange & Beta Exchange 

Release Notes 

Stay up to date on the latest Quickbase enhancements, new features, and early access opportunities from the Quickbase Product team. Bookmark the release notes page here. This is where you can find details about what’s been rolled out and what’s coming soon!  

Watch How to View Release Notes 


Quickbase is more than just a platform for building and managing applications. It's a world of possibilities waiting to be explored! And with Quickbase's technical support tools, you can navigate this world with ease. From opening a case with the Technical Support team to using the App Exchange, Quickbase offers a variety of resources to help you troubleshoot issues, ask questions, and get the help you need. Plus, with the latest Quickbase enhancements and early access opportunities available through the release notes, you can stay ahead of the game and keep your apps running smoothly. Leveraging these technical support tools will ensure you’ll always get the most out of the platform. 

Published 10 months ago
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