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New Quickbase Builders!!! Beta Program; Create an App with AI

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9 months ago

For those of you new to The Qrew, we're looking for new builders (under 6 months as a builder) to sign up for the "Start Your App with AI" Beta Program. By being in this program you can have an app customized to your use case in a couple of minutes! 

What is the “Start your app with AI” Beta program?

By answering a couple of questions, you can harness the power of Generative AI to generate a bespoke app addressing the specifics of your use case. The app gets created with a structure already in place alongside reports, dashboards and industry appropriate sample data.

We are looking for new builders with minimal experience to join our Beta program and provide feedback on the generated app.

Here is how easy it is to use this capability:

  1. When creating a new app, select the “Start your app with AI” option

  1. Answer these questions about the industry and use case:

  1. Upon creation, you will land in your new app and you can start exploring it.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to participate by registering here: Start your app with AI Beta registration

Published 9 months ago
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