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Profile and Networking on the Community

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5 years ago
At its heart a community is about bringing together people with a common cause and drive to support one another. Taking you beyond just asking a question and instead building a tribe of your peers who can help you tackle a problem and challenge you to create your very best. To help with that our community has profiles so you can put a custom touch on your Quick Base Community persona and tools to help you network with the problem-solvers that are inspire your best. This article will give you some quick tips on how to get started building your profile and finding your tribe. 

Your Profile: Putting your Best Foot Forward

Joining a new community it can be daunting at time to know how to meet others that share your interests and strike up a conversation. A great way to get started building your tribe is to let them know a bit about you. Here are a few quick tips to building out your profile. 

1. You can find your profile by clicking on the down arrow in the right hand corner of the screen and selecting profile. 

2. Check your name and make sure to update it to what you would like to be called. Putting up your real name can help you with building your professional network but the choice is up to you. 

3. Tell your fellow Community members about yourself. What problems fire you up and the skills you have worked to hone by filling out your Bio and as much of your profile as you feel comfortable. You can always come back and spruce it up if your title and company changes or as you master new skills. You can even include the details on your company or links to your profiles on social media and Linkedin.

4. Don't forget a picture to put a personal stamp on your posts in the Community. 

5. Now that you have profile it is a great time to jump over to our Introduce Yourself thread and say hi. 

Managing your Profile

Now that you have filled in a bit more about yourself and started to get settled it is always handy to know what kind of settings you have access to. Right on your profile page you can find your 'My Account' tab that includes helpful links to your Inbox, your email preferences, and your privacy settings. Your privacy settings can allow you to dictate how much of your profile you want to share with everyone on the community versus your close contacts. 

Networking: Connect to Your Best

Having a community of builders to inspire you means that you are going to find other problem-solvers you want to connect to. Now as you find community members that inspires you and you have an awesome conversation with you can open up their profile and right at the top you can 'Add as Contact'. This can help you keep track of other community members you want to connect with and you can even message them right here in the community to check in.

You can then find all your contacts that you build right under your 'Connections' tab. 

Published 5 years ago
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