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Another 20 Years of Quickbase Magic

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4 years ago

Another 20 Years of Quickbase Magic
by Andrew Varley, VP of Product Management - Quickbase

In 1999, Quickbase created magic.  Not fake magic but real magic.  The type of magic that when you see it, you feel it.  The first time you build true software and solve real problems, without code, is magic.  The founders and early employees had a vision of creating access to new and advanced technologies for problem solvers everywhere.  They released a born in the cloud, no-code platform, with Enterprise-grade security and governance controls, that gave business builders UI, reporting, dashboarding, access controls, APIs, and navigation.  It immediately created a new way for people to solve complex problems with true applications and leapfrogged the status quo of spreadsheets and email.  Over twenty years, Quickbase grew and fulfilled that vision for thousands of companies through millions of applications and an army of individuals who needed a better way to keep up with the demands of the market and their customers.  That vision still leads the product today, with new magical moments being created through access to capabilities through Mobile and, most recently, Integrations.  We only see greenfield opportunity in front of us and view new and exciting technologies through the eyes of our no-code builders.  That lens drives us every day to ensure that powerful capabilities we release can be implemented with no-code to create the fastest path to build your solution.  And to get to that future, some things from the past will change. 

It is common to get used to a paradigm or way of doing things, but if 2020 has confirmed any truth, it is that the only thing you can count on is change itself.  In some cases, change comes fast - unexpected and disruptive to every expectation or norm.  Other times, it comes slowly and consistently, and creates a new world around you without you even noticing.  Change is important and change is good.  Evolution is another way to think of this latter change, where adaptation is necessary to support a stronger and brighter tomorrow.  Quickbase will also need to evolve and some of these changes may feel disruptive, but our goal will be to usher them in slowly, but deliberately.  These changes are not just for the sake of change but rather to build the foundation that will let you solve future problems for your customers and business.  Being agile, as a business, demands readiness to change and a willingness to accept change. 

We expect Quickbase to continue to be the de-facto platform for problem solvers to stay in lock step with the changes we can predict and, more importantly, to the ones we can’t.  Our product roadmap will stay true to creating the tools necessary for the fastest path to build your solution, deep integrations, and the preferred, IT-trusted, governed no-code platform.  Without these three pillars being in lock step, you and your company can not keep up with the disruptive or evolutionary changes occurring.  And for us to accelerate and stand behind these needs, we’ll at times be retiring some older features in service to better ways to work.  Besides the goals for our product and the excitement we have in store, we also will aim to make these changes feel like the type where you wake up one day and realize that the product is new and ready for the future, and not the type that disrupts how you get your job and innovation done.  That is our commitment. 

The future is brighter than the past and we are thankful for all of you and all the years of innovation you’ve created.  You’ve been instrumental in helping build the only no-code platform designed for the demand of tomorrow’s operationally agile business.  With our shared partnership and goals, I expect another 20 years of magic ahead.

Published 4 years ago
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