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Button to open specific field in a different table

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3 years ago
I want to create a button, that when checked it opens a specific field from a different table.

Once the selection in that field is made it will then send a webhook to Zapier to trigger an email


A button is added to my order. If the button is selected I want it to prompt the user to select a value from the template ID field ( This is a multi-choice field and goes from 1- 6). The template ID field sits in a different App ( No objections to it sitting in the same App) .

Can anyone tell me the best way to add this?

Kelly Grewar
Published 3 years ago
Version 1.0

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  • Kelly,


    If the template ID is to be updated in the other table - I'd create a button that would execute API_EditRecord to update a check box/timestamp in the other table where the template ID is present with the redirect URL pointing to the edit form of the other table. This will help to redirect to the table form where the template ID needs to be selected.  A dynamic rule needs to be added in the other table to make the template ID field mandatory when the checkbox is checked.


    If a new record is to be created in the other table, then I'd just simply redirect to the add form of the other table with template ID by specifying the URL that ends like a=API_GenAddRecordForm&_fid_7=1 (field with ID 7 is a checkbox field that can be used to set the template ID mandatory when the checkbox is checked).



    Dinesh Vijayakumar