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Converting Old Home Pages

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Qrew Cadet
7 years ago
Hi Quick Base Community,
As mentioned a few months back, we'll be deprecating our old home pages with our September 2018 release. Along the way, we've received some requests for help with that process. Here's our first step along that path! 

In our May 20th release, you'll find a new button the Pages settings panel. On your old home pages, you'll see a small icon:

Clicking this will copy your current tables and widgets from the Old home page over to a new home page. 

If you have scripts included in your old home page HTML sections, those will be pasted into new code pages. For more info, check out this post on our engineering blog.

You'll still need to update your roles to point to this new home page, but we hope it'll help you quickly get your users moved over to the newer, much more powerful home pages.

Sam Jones
QuickBase Product Manager
Published 7 years ago
Version 1.0


  • The reason my users prefer the old homepage is that it allows me to view an entire report (queue of incoming requests that regularly grows to 40-60 requests during the day) without a scrollbar inside a window. When I tried to convert them to the new homepage they about rioted.

    Is there any way to remove the max-height from the report widget? Scrolling a long (50 rows or so) report inside a tiny box is a pretty bad user experience, especially when its the main point of the homepage.
  • I know Sam is the product manager for widths but I am not sure who the product manager is for heights. So if you don't get an answer from QuickBase staff you can use script to automatically resize the <iframe> to fit its content and thus remove the vertical scroll bars.

    See this post and demo within:

    How To: Resize Dashboard Web Page Widgets to Content?

    This is the general problem when you place an <iframe> on a host page. The host page determines the viewport while the iframe page determines the size of the content. You have to use script to change the size of the viewport to match the size of the iframe's content.
  • Hi Rachel, you should be able to resize a table report within a new home page. When customizing the page, there is a grab-able tab on the bottom of each table report (see attached picture). This, in addition to increasing the maximum number of rows to show for that report, should get you what you want!  I hope this helps!
    - Gabe
  • Great Tip.  I had no idea whatsoever that you could permanently resize a Dashboard report to avoid those hated embedded scroll bars.

    That was a big issue I was going to face when I got around to converting old Dashboard pages.