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Dashboard Enhancements

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2 months ago


🚀🚀🚀Quickbase makes it easy to surface the right data, to the right people, at the right time. When you set up dashboards for each role in your application, you are enabling informed decision-making across your business. Quickbase dashboards allow you to display reports and charts from multiple tables or even multiple apps. And in just a few clicks, you can apply filters to all reports on the page. All of this is supported by our drag-and-drop dashboard designer, giving you a quick and easy tool for delivering important business insights.

We’re excited to announce a series of improvements that will allow you to display more data and more reports on your dashboards, and make it easier to build those dashboards. These new improvements will be released in April 2024.

🚀Infinitely-scrollable tabs
More space, more reports, more data - all on one dashboard! Tabs will also display at the top of the page instead of the bottom, with this new design.

Infinite dashboard with multiple reports

🚀Seamless building experience
Experience a smoother, more intuitive way to arrange your widgets now that widgets will automatically move out of the way. We also added a quick option to add a new widget below an existing one.


Widgets intuitively moving

🚀Add below widget menu option

🚀Meet the spacer widget
Create cleaner, more organized layouts by effortlessly adding either space between widgets or stylish dividers.

Spacer widget magic

🚀Missing button groups?

A familiar Quickbase experience allows you to style your button widgets easily.

Button groups

🚀 Less clicks and less back-and-forth when working with tabs

Rearranging tabs easily

🚀Update filters titles inline

🚀Excited about all of these upgrades?

You can update your dashboards without having to rebuild them!


Updated 2 months ago
Version 2.0


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    Qrew Commander

    I'm enjoying the new dashboards but found a problem on mobile. Rich text widgets appear very very tall no matter what. They will be about 6x the height of a button and take up half the mobile screen.

  • I'm enjoying many of the capabilities with the new features.  The only thing I've noticed so far that I'm having trouble with is getting KPI reports to be smaller.  They appear to be an ideal size when converting my existing dashboard over.  However, as soon as I grab one of the sides, it snaps to double wide and I can't get it smaller again.

  • I don't see the button to turn on the new dashboards either.  When testing as different roles, the tabs at the bottom of the screen have disappeared and this was said to be the fix for that issue.  I kinda needs this to work... What are we missing?

  • I don't see the option to turn on the new dashboard experience, but it is listed in the release notes for 04/21. How do I turn the new dashboard on?

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      Qrew Trainee

      It automatically became available to me today (04/22).  I just stumbled upon it.  I wasn't expecting it.  

  • Please we would like the option to keep tabs at the bottom of the page

    • Top-aligned tabs help consistency meet convenience with tabs at the top of the dashboard, with easy drag-and-drop reordering