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Empower 2024; Registration Open

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3 months ago

What's up Qrew? 

Making sure you all saw that our favorite event of the year is rapidly approaching! 

Empower 2024, on May 8th, is now open for registration

Everybody reading this, do the following: 

1) Watch this slick promo video and get fired up for Empower. For those new to The Qrew, you do not want to miss out on Empower. Via 6 straight hours of Quickbase goodness, including 20+ breakout sessions, Live Q/A, and plenty of opportunities to hear some amazing stories of how Qrew members are being game-changers inside their orgs.

2) Register for Empower 2024

3) Block that calendar. Not joking, block it. Do it. May 8th is Empower Day. You're in DO NOT DISTURB mode. Craft that out of office if you're feeling dangerous. "Sorry All, I'm upping my Quickbase game attending Empower 2024, unlocking new ways to get rid of Gray Work. I'll respond to your inquiry at the earliest opportunity". Give yourself the space to truly take in this event. Don't do that thing where you try to multitask, don't do it!! 

4) Start the countdown to May 8th. Get ready to lock in for a great day of content! 

Who's pumped for Empower?!?!?

This is our 10th Empower, drop a comment below with how many Empowers you have attended! 

Published 3 months ago
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