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Innovation: The Smart Builder Journey Continues

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21 days ago

The below blog was authored by Product Marketing Manager MichelleHendley

Last October, we introduced our first AI-powered feature, AI Smart Builder, to you. With Smart Builder, anyone can generate a custom application just by telling Quickbase AI about the problem you’re trying to solve. In the past nine months, thousands of you have built applications covering everything from recruiting to installation project management. This powerful feature goes a long way towards our belief that AI can help make your work management feel more manageable – and to that end, we’re thrilled to announce that Smart Builder has now gotten even smarter. 

An even better App Builder 

Sometimes it’s hard to define what good looks like unless you’ve seen it. Thanks to a improvements in the feature, Smart Builder now knows what a good app looks like. When you provide Smart Builder with your app requirements, Smart Builder now applies intelligent analysis to determine if there's an exact match from a dedicated library of app schemas consisting of tables, fields, and relationships. If it can’t find one, it develops a bespoke, foundational app that is as unique as your business needs. Regardless of your requirements, Smart Builder is even better equipped to provide you with the best app for your job. 

 Pipelines, but make it AI 

Automation is the name of the game, and Quickbase’s Pipelines have enabled builders to set up thousands of workflows and integrations that put data exactly where it’s needed. Now, we’re making the feature even more accessible and allowing builders with any level of technical expertise to connect their systems with the power of AI. That’s right – Smart Builder now builds pipelines! With this Open Beta release, building simple workflows is as easy as providing your automation idea to Smart Builder. Quickbase AI will then suggest the steps that you can review, verify, and accept. You’ll then receive a pipeline blueprint that you can iterate upon. Not only will this save you upwards of five minutes (we’ve timed it) but integrating Quickbase with your other core systems and eliminating data silos is more seamless than ever. 

Seeing (data) is believing (data) 

One of the most impactful ways to bring your data to life is to visualize it. Coming soon, Smart Builder will accelerate that process and remove the technical lift by recommending reports based on your app’s structure. It’ll also enable you to uncover deeper insights that you may not know sit within your data. To get started, select a table and choose AI Smart Builder recommended charts. Using your specific data, you will be able to select between bar, pie or line charts and automatically generate a report. Preview your report and choose to go forward with the selected style or go back and view your data in a different way. Either way, Smart Builder provides a report designed to fit your individual data while making it simple to iterate on the resulting report. 

Stay in the know 
Continued AI innovation is at the top of our list, and we want to make sure you have a front row seat to the latest and greatest. That’s why we’re introducing a new way to get engaged with Quickbase’s AI roadmap. Sign up for our exclusive AI waitlist to be the first to know about upcoming feature releases, beta opportunities and more. As always, we welcome your feedback, and are thrilled to have you on board as we build AI to enhance your way of working. 


Published 21 days ago
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