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Introducing New Quickbase Navigation (beta)

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2 months ago

Quickbase is the world’s first platform for dynamic work management. And that means we wake up every day asking ourselves how we can make our customers more efficient and help them grow. We are continually improving the platform and adding new capabilities, so it is easier than ever for you to see, connect, and control your most complex processes. To do that, we want to make sure we continue to focus on providing an intuitive, clean user experience, which is the foundation on which the rest of Quickbase relies. That’s why we’re excited to announce the beta version of our new navigation. Here’s what to expect from our new navigation, and how you can try it out today. 

What’s changing? 

We rebuilt Quickbase’s navigation from the ground up to provide a more modern and intuitive experience for both you and your users. And, while we have future plans to add new functionality and concepts to our navigation, we’re not adding any new elements just yet. Instead, this initial release of our new navigation will re-arrange the components you use to navigate around your apps today.  This approach will ease you and your users into this experience and make it easier to manage this change.  

Tables have moved to the left side 

Some may call it clunky; others call it dated, but we heard loud and clear from many of you that the Quickbase menus at the top of the page take up too much room. That’s why we’re moving app-level links to a new sidebar which you can find at the left edge of the page. Here, you can navigate to each table in your app. And if you are an app admin, you will find links to app settings and the user management page. We’re also providing centralized access to all your table settings with Settings for each table directly in the content menu are designed to save you time and clicks. It’s important to note that your existing table order and permissions will translate 1:1 from legacy navigation to the new style, so you’ll be able to hit the ground running without the need to re-calibrate your settings. With more room to breathe, you can see – and understand - more of your own data on your screen at once. 

There are several ways you can choose to interact with this menu, depending on how you like to get work done. You can open the sidebar by clicking the arrow to push content and maintain your open/closed state as you navigate across pages or simply hover anywhere over the closed sidebar to open temporarily and close automatically as you navigate. 

Switch between apps using the new global nav menu 

We’re cleaning up the experience of having to switch between apps with the app bar, by moving these controls to the top-left corner of the page. In this new waffle menu, you’ll be able to switch between apps. This is also where you will access other parts of Quickbase outside of apps, such as Pipelines and Exchange, enabling one-click access to key areas of the platform. 


Getting involved in the beta program 

Want to be one of the first to get your hands on the new nav? Your valuable feedback is pivotal to shaping our platform. Register here

Next steps 

The new navigation will be available for all users starting on May 8, 2024, with the ability to try it defaulted on. Each account admin can choose to disable the new navigation for their users under the Admin Console-> Permissions menu. If a user’s ability to turn the new navigation is not disabled, they can visit their user preferences and select sidebar navigation to try out the new experience. 

Happy navigating! 

Published 2 months ago
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  • New navigation is a definate improvement in regards to better use of screen space. have a rethink on the location of the Home button though. Maybe place the home button next to the settings cogwheel, instead of having to open up the sidebar to click on the home button.

  • New Navigation is really nice!!! Keep up the good work Quickbase Team. Excited to see this become the new experience. 

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      Qrew Commander

      It's good to see this getting rolled out. Great job! 👍💯