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Kanban Reports Go Live To Bring Simplicity & Power To Your Applications

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6 years ago
We are thrilled to announce that with the July product release, all Quick Base customers can now create Kanban Reports in their apps. This capability demonstrates our continued commitment to simplicity, enabling the creation of an engaging end-user experience. Kanban reports combine the simplicity of drag-and-drop card views with the power of the Quick Base platform (think customizable database, rich automation and integration capabilities, granular permissions model and flexible reporting) to make simplicity and power a reality. To learn even more about the power and utility of Kanban reports you can read up on our Blog Post or just right into your application and create your own Kanban report today.

Behind the simplicity of Kanban Reports in Quick Base lies great power like the ability to:

  • kick off an automated workflow by dragging a card
  • drill down on the card to view all the related information you need
  • summarize team membersÕ progress with custom reporting for managers and executives
  • ensure that the right people can view and update the right information with a granular permissions model
We look forward to seeing the powerful reporting app builders will create for their teams and hearing back on how we can continue to help you empower your teams every day. 
Published 6 years ago
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  • We are loving the Kanban reports.  Quick question:  does it have functionality to create dynamic filters and is this in the road map?  In addition to the kanban "buckets" we'd love to be able to dynamically filter the cards (show only the cards related to a given customer for example)
  • Hi Benjamin,

    We are really glad to hear that you are enjoying using the Kanban reports. We do have it on the roadmap to allow for dynamic filters to be applied to Kanban reports in the near future. That is feedback we have gotten from more than a few customers and another sliver of functionality the team is working on delivering for Kanban. Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestion Benjamin.
  • Hi there,

    Are there plans to have Kanban reports dynamically refresh or notify users if the report needs to be refreshed?

    I was able to make an action that will update a user field when a card is moved from 'open' to 'in progress', but the report for the person who moved the card doesn't refresh, so the card doesn't reflect the updates of the action, making it less intuitive what's going on.