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Making HR A Priority Webinar-March 15th 12pm ET | 9am PT

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6 years ago
Come see how two workplace heroes were able to transform their HR processes to create a solution as unique as their businesses in our webinar ÒMaking HR a Priority

As an HR professional, the heart of your job is to make sure that your company's employees are not only as productive as they can be, but also engaged in their positions, and we're well-aware this task is often easier said than done.

How often have rigid point-solutions and manual processes ground your team's workday to a halt, or confused your coworkers to the point of frustration?

Join our March 15th webinar; "Making HR a Priority: How 2 HR Leaders Use Tech to Solve Everything from Onboarding to Organizational Change" on 12pm ET | 9am PT to hear how two HR heroes, Swapnil and Jose, transformed their HR processes using Quick Base to easily create a solution as unique as their businesses. 

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Published 6 years ago
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