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New Certification Badges in The Qrew

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2 months ago

Pass a Cert, Collect a Badge, Brag Forever.

Did you know Quickbase offered Certifications? You didn't? 

Well, Certification is real. And it's a great way to prove your Quickbase knowledge and establish yourself as a go-to builder within your organization. 

Moving forward, here in The Qrew, your profile will show which Certifications you have passed. It may take us (read: Ben) some time to get everyone's profile up to date, but we now have the badges for each of the four certification exams we have below.

Each month, I'll have a blog post with the previous month's certification recipients. We will shower you with recognition! 

As a reminder/overview, Quickbase offers the following four certification exams:

  • App Foundations this is a new exam, perfect for new builders looking to ensure they understand the fundamentals of planning, building, designing, and maintaining simple Quickbase applications. 
  • App Builder -  Similar to the App Foundations exam, but questions here are more geared towards Building apps, fewer questions on maintaining and planning apps.
  • Expert Builder - Once you have passed App Builder, challenge yourself to go to that next level with the Expert Builder Certification. A learning path and topics covered are provided to you in advance so you can prepare.
  • Pipelines Builder - For Qrew members who push themselves, and their Quickbase apps to do integrations through Pipelines, we offer a Pipelines Certification. There's also a Learning Path provided for this exam to help you prepare.

All Exams come with a cost, as we want to provide you with incentive to block off the time required to complete AND pass the exam. Once you pass, you'll receive a congratulatory email that includes a badge you can post on your social media profiles, and here in The Qrew we'll get your profile updated for you. 

Now go get Certified and collect these sweet badges! 


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  • The following sentence (from this article) needs some editing attention. :)

    All Exams come with a cost, as we want you to provide you with incentive to block off the time required to complete AND pass the exam.

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      Community Manager

      AllanHeaps1 , Qrew Member, Quickbase subject matter expert, and now, unofficially, Ben's editor :).

      Thank you for pointing this out! I've updated the blog.