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New Dashboard Open Beta

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4 years ago

New Dashboard Open Beta

As this past year has proven, business conditions and job functions can change rapidly. Organizations need to flex and adapt their business processes to keep up with the pace of these changes. This is operational agility, and it helps companies navigate the challenges of today.

One of the keys to operational agility is the ability to make decisions quickly. In order to do that you need to have accurate data you can be confident in, tailored to the decision you're trying to make.

Our New Dashboards, representing the next major milestone in our UI Refresh, are built with these needs in mind. We can't wait to give you a better way to gather real-time insights from your operational data by providing more modern visualizations and new tools to interact with your Quickbase apps.

As you may have heard, we are on a multi-year journey to modernize the UI of the Quickbase platform. The goal in 2020 was to prepare us for future support of international characters and accessibility, and speed up our delivery of new features in the long term. We're now starting to see those investments pay off.

After the March release, app builders will be able to create a Dashboard in any of their apps. To get started, visit the App Settings, click Pages, and then add a new Page. Click the Dashboard option from the menu to get started!

New Dashboards bring several long-awaited capabilities to the Quickbase platform.

Make Faster Decisions

Use Dashboard level filters to surface key insights from your Quickbase applications

Display reports from several of your Quickbase apps side-by-side. This allows you to bring siloed data together while following best-practices for app architecture.

Speed app adoption

Use modern visualizations to provide a better end-user experience. New tool-tips show more information at a glance. Charts also allow users to drill-down to view detailed information without leaving the page.

Our new dashboard builder gives you more flexibility to create a layout that's elegant and easy to read. Drag and drop widgets on a canvas, and resize them to fit your unique needs.

Each new dashboard can include several tabs. You can group similar reports together on a tab, allowing your app's users to flip back and forth with ease.

Beta program details

You can get started after the March 2021 release by visiting your app settings and creating a new page.


While dashboards are in beta, you may encounter issues more frequently than you would in a generally available feature. We're still actively developing the feature and may not yet support a certain report type or button action just yet. We're also working on building out the mechanisms to backup, restore, and transfer dashboards. We'll release these and other features as soon as they are ready.

For the most up to date list of limits and limitations, be sure to visit the Quickbase Product Limits page.

What's next

Expect to see updates to new dashboards on our way to general availability. We'll add summary reports next. Then, we will add the remaining chart types, and the infrastructure mechanisms above. We'll also be adding even more ways to interact with reports on a dashboard.

Stay tuned!

Published 4 years ago
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