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New dashboards are now generally available

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4 years ago

New dashboards are now generally available

Our goal here at Quickbase is to help companies achieve operational agility. That enables you to be more responsive to your customers, more engaging to your employees, and making your business as adaptable as possible to what’s next. Quickbase Insights is what we call the set of capabilities that help you unlocks real-time reporting and operational insights across teams, processes, and disparate systems securely.

Quickbase Insights is key to achieving operational agility, and that’s why we’ve focused so much of our product innovation in this area recently. We just reached general availability for our new table report, which helps your apps’ users get their work done faster. We’ll soon be starting a beta program for our slide-out report builder, allowing you to customize a report without jumping to another page. We’re also re-defining what’s possible with formulas, through our new aggregation options for summary reports (available now) and the ability for formulas to query other records (coming soon). We’ve made it easier to surface insights from other systems as well, with the addition of Pipelines channels that allow you to easily integrate with MS Teams, Twilio, and Google’s suite of business applications. Each of these features expands the real-time insights you can surface using Quickbase.

Dashboards ties it all together, creating the front door for your Quickbase applications. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our new dashboards are now generally available for all customers.


Introducing new dashboards

We’ve been incrementally modernizing the Quickbase UI. This will prepare us for future support of international characters and accessibility and will also accelerate delivery of new features. New dashboards represents the next step in this exciting journey.

One of the keys to operational agility is the ability to make decisions quickly. To do this, you need to have accurate data you can be confident in, tailored to the decision you're trying to make. We designed the new dashboards with these needs in mind. They offer a better way to gather real-time operational insights by providing more modern visualizations and new tools to interact with your data. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of new dashboards.


Make decisions faster, with confidence

Dashboards are most effective when they present the right data, to the right people, at the right time. When you need data to drive an important decision, you don’t want to search through several data sources to find what you need. New dashboards provide a streamlined, consolidated view into your business. Here’s how:

  • Filter all reports on a dashboard at once, with just a few clicks.



  • Break down more data silos than ever before, now that you can display reports from several Quickbase apps side-by-side.


Accelerate adoption of your apps

A Quickbase app makes the biggest impact when it is adopted widely and used consistently. New dashboards offer a more dynamic and visually appealing display to boost adoption of your apps. Here’s how:

  • Deeply customize your visualizations with flexible, re-sizable widgets.


  • Hover over a chart to view details.

Enable leadership to track progress with ease

Executives are often looking for better ways to track progress against key performance indicators (KPIs). New dashboards make it easy to consolidate cross-functional operational data for executives. Here’s how:

  • Create concise, cross-cutting dashboards with several tabs.



  • Check in on your business at-a-glance using our new KPI tiles. To create one, set up a gauge chart and add the chart to your dashboard. The KPI display is a new option for displaying a gauge chart.


  • Present directly from your Quickbase dashboard by expanding your widgets.

New features added since open beta

We launched our open beta program for new dashboards in March 2021. Since then, we’ve been enhancing the feature based on customer feedback. These are the new features we’ve added during the open beta period:

  • Ability to display summary reports

  • Ability to display bubble, area, funnel, and waterfall charts
  • New dashboards are now backed up and can be restored upon request
  • New dashboard activities now appear in your account’s audit logs. These events are now available:
    • A new dashboard has been created, updated, or deleted.
    • A new dashboard has been viewed.
      • Unlike app home pages, view events for new dashboards will list which reports were present on the dashboard when it was viewed.
    • A resource center is now available by clicking the lightbulb in the bottom-right corner of a new dashboard. This tool is available just on new dashboards, and it’s focused on helping you be successful with the feature. You can use it see recent dashboards enhancements, help resources on building dashboards, and to give product feedback.


Coming soon

While new dashboards are now generally available, we are still actively developing the feature. Here are the next improvements we’ll work on:

  • Search widget
  • Ability to display kanban, map, timeline, and calendar reports


App home pages

We designed new dashboards to replace app home pages. That’s why we hope that the improved visuals and flexibility available on new dashboards will inspire you to use them instead of app home pages. However, many companies have built hundreds or even thousands of apps in Quickbase. So, we understand that converting to new dashboards may take time.

Therefore, we will continue to support app home pages. As we refine the new dashboards feature after GA, we may make changes such as switching to new dashboards as the default for new apps, and blocking the creation or copying of app home pages.

While we encourage you to build new dashboards, you can continue using app home pages for as long as you need to.


What will you create?

Your creative drive as an app builder is what makes Quickbase special. We work together and we get a little bit better every day. Crafting and refining business processes that are simple and intuitive makes work life more engaging and rewarding. With new dashboards helping to surface insights into your operational data, there’s never been a better time for you to drive operational agility to help your company thrive.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and try building a new dashboard. You’ll find the option by clicking the gear on your app’s dashboard, then clicking the + next to Pages.

We look forward to seeing the dashboards you build, and we encourage you to share any feedback with us so we can get a little better every day as well.

Published 4 years ago
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