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New Quick Base University Courses for August 2018

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6 years ago

Welcome to the Quick Base University blog! Each month the Training Team will use this space to highlight a list of courses that weÕve recently created or updated along with a Training Tip.

New Courses Published in the Last Month

II24:Workato Tutorials (Intermediate series)

Workato and Quick Base share a dedication to making it easier for workers to do what they need to get done, without complicated development projects and coding. By integrating Workato within Quick Base, you will benefit from a true end-to-end no-code framework that offers real-time updates and agility for business users.

The lessons in this course were developed by Workato.  We have assembled them here for your convenience.  For direct access to these and other Workato training resources visit the Workato Web site.

Q02:2018 Continuing Education - Q2 (Continuing Ed series; published at the end of June)

This course serves two key purposes:

á      Provides timely information on new app builder features released each quarter

á      Allows Certified Quick Base Builders to renew their certifications without having to retake the exam

Remember: The Continuing Education series is required for those who wish to maintain an existing certification.  In order to be granted the 2019 certification automatically, you must complete each Continuing Education course and pass the brief assessment within. For this purpose, the courses can be completed anytime through January of 2019.  Click to learn more about Quick Base App Builder Certifications.

Courses Updated in the Last Month FF24:Using Email Notifications, Subscriptions, and Reminders (Fundamental series)

Automated emails or notifications help users stay up-to-date on key information and modifications to your app. This course covers the creation and sending of manual as well as automated notifications, subscriptions, and reminders.


Training Tip

Subscriptions are a powerful tool. They allow you to send a series of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To set up a new subscription, open your appÕs settings and click Notifications, subscriptions,& reminders. From there, click +New Email and follow the prompts. For more details, see the recently updated fundamental course FF24:Using Email Notifications, Subscriptions, and Reminders.

Published 6 years ago
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