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  • There is a bug fix in this release that the focus will return to the formula box after selecting a field from the drop down list.  :)
  • Hi Matt, glad to hear you're psyched for the release! What about it caught your eye?
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    Qrew Captain
    PDF subscriptions,

    Mobile improvements.  Calendar especially.  Does this mean the dhtmlx css is going to get added to the desktop version of calendars?

    Optional "Save & Close" button. (good to see they fixed the css bugs)

    Formula editor.

    Don't care to much for field comments and QB Univeristy personally, but good adds.
  • PDF Subscriptions was the biggie here.  Continued improvement in Mobile is good too.
  • It's nice that the PDF supports and hyperlinks in the PDF, for example if the [Customer name] was shown as a link, then  it will link to the Customer record in Quick Base directly from the PDF.  The View and Edit buttons are also hot links as well as any formula hyperlinks using <a href= .....

    Nicely done.
  • .. also the fixes to the focus on the formula editor after selecting a field are most welcome.