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PLEASE READ!!! Site Maintenance April 1st-April 9th

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3 months ago

Qrew Discussions Site Changes Coming –

An FAQ(rew)

On April 1st, Qrew Discussions ( will begin site maintenance to improve the overall experience within our peer-to-peer platform. Site Maintenance will start on April 1st and conclude on April 9th, our launch date for the new experience. See below for some Frequently Asked Questions we hope will ease this transition.

Question: Why is this happening?

Answer: Quickbase wants to invest in our community, The Qrew. Part of this investment means we’re all in on making Qrew Discussions the best experience it can be. We love how active it is, and we want to give you more reasons to engage with each other in this space. We believe there are areas within the Qrew Discussions experience today that can be improved, and we’re excited to deliver an improved experience starting on April 9th!

Question: What will be changing in the new experience? How will this new experience be improved from our current site?

Answer: We’ll be introducing a new Ranking system that allows members to earn points through a variety of ways. Our ranking system will be connected to our Qrew Champions program, allowing for a connected experience between Community participation and Quickbase Advocacy and Rewards. Our current Qrew Discussions ranking system needs improvement, and this allows us to do just that. Additionally, we’ll be looking to improve the challenges with “Search” in Qrew Discussions by the creation of a new Knowledge Base arena, Q Tips. We’ll have more information on Q Tips and how we’ll be improving search as we get closer to launch. In short, all the answers that our Top Contributors have likely answered dozens (or more) times can become Knowledge Base articles with their own dedicated space for Qrew Members to reference and easily find.

Question: Is anything going to break with this maintenance?

Answer: We certainly hope not and are working to ensure there’s no disruption to our experience. All Discussion data, every topic, reply, file attachment, will be accessible in our new experience. For Discussions that live outside of “Quickbase Discussions”, “Getting Started”, or individual active Qrew Groups, we will be archiving these forums and making them accessible but read-only. “Celebrate” is an example of a space we’ll be archiving, as it had low participation. All Discussions in “Quickbase Discussions”, “Getting Started”, and active individual Qrew Group pages will remain active allowing users to continue to engage in these discussions.  

Question: Can I access Qrew Discussions between April 1st and April 9th?

Answer: Yes. But Qrew Discussions will be read-only between April 1st and April 9th. During this window, no new Discussion topics can be created, no existing Discussion topics can be replied to. Qrew members looking to engage with other Qrew members during this time should consider visiting the community-led Discord server, which is full of Quickbase Subject Matter Experts who enjoy engaging with others.

Question: Do I need to do anything to prepare for April 1st?

Answer: The only information that will be lost is what exists in your Private Messages from one Community Member to another. Unfortunately, with the maintenance we have planned, there’s no way to carry over these messages. If you have information in your private messages that you are using or storing on our site, you need to copy/paste this information into a separate space where you can access. This needs to be done prior to April 1st. If you are comfortable with your existing private messages in Qrew Discussions not being accessible, no action is required.

Question: I’m an active member of Qrew Discussions, are my points going to carry over to the next experience?

Answer: We will review all members who have achieved Bronze, Silver, Gold Top Contributor levels and apply a correlating rank to these members in the new experience. In some ways, it will feel like we’re starting over with how we count user engagement as we’re introducing new ways you can earn points. Our Top Contributors should not feel like you are starting over on April 9th.

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