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PRODUCT LAUNCH! AI Smart Builder, FastField, and More

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8 months ago

📢📢📢It's a big day here at Quickbase! Our Product Launch highlights an array of features all designed to cut down on the Gray Work weighing down your teams and companies.

Check out the below resources so you can be fully locked in to everything re: Quickbase Product Launch!!!📢📢📢

📰📰📰We have a blog summarizing all our features here!📰📰📰

🔥🔥🔥Yes, Mugatu, it is. On October 24th, we'll have a webinar on Quickbase's suite of AI solutions. No better way to Unleash Your Productivity than with AI in Quickbase. This webinar will go through how AI is changing the way we work, allowing dynamic work to be done faster, and trending your data for you so you can take action. What AI can't do is make you attend this webinar, you'll need to do that yourself by first registering here.🔥🔥🔥

"Ben, is there a cool video I could watch featuring stock actors doing professional things that summarizes everything Quickbase is doing with AI?"  

3️⃣steps you should absolutely take today! 

1️⃣ Re-watch the above video to get fired up about Quickbase's AI Capabilities 

2️⃣ Read this blog on our Product Launch

3️⃣Register for two webinars (FastField and AI)

‼️ Comment Below!!

❓What feature are you most looking forward to using and why? 

Published 8 months ago
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