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Q Tip - Setting Up Favorite Reports

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12 months ago

Introducing "Q Tips", a blog series designed for Qrew members to share tips with the rest of The Qrew. Q Tips are short and sweet. 5 minutes or less. The idea behind a Q Tip is there's something you do in Quickbase that makes your life easier, and you want to give access to this gold nugget to the rest of The Qrew. 

Do you want to submit your own Q Tip? Join the Champions Program and take the Q Tip challenge! I'll review all submissions and publish entries everyone in The Qrew can benefit from. What do you get? Points, badges, and the priceless feeling of knowing you made The Qrew a little bit smarter today. 

A guy you should want to get to know, Neil Beschle has been optimizing the Quickbase customer experience for over five years. Born and raised in Boston, Neil began his Quickbase career handling support cases as a member of the Technical Support team. He moved on to Customer Success, where you will now find Neil blogging, solving problems with customers via 1x1 calls, and joining daily Office Hours with Sam Trachy. 

When he's not working, Neil is that passionate Celtics fan still fuming over their Game 7 loss to the Heat. If you need a great sandwich, anywhere in Boston, Neil is that guy with 5-10 walkable deli recs ready to go. He's got his sailing license and he's not afraid to use it, sailing the Boston Harbor regularly. And he's been known to frequent a Phish concert of 400 whenever Trey and co are nearby.

Neil's got a whole library of Q Tips he can share, and you can tap into them every day at 1pm EST during Office Hours. For today, Neil's nugget is on how to make that report you're using everyday a favorite. Hopefully this Q Tip saves you some time! 

Published 12 months ago
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