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Q Tip - Tammie King's JSON Pipeline

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10 months ago

Introducing "Q Tips", a blog series designed for Qrew members to share tips with the rest of The Qrew. Q Tips are short and sweet. The idea behind a Q Tip is there's something you do in Quickbase that makes your life easier, and you want to give access to this gold nugget to the rest of The Qrew. 

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@Tammie King shares a Pipeline below that's been super helpful to her in putting all of her formula and field properties in one spot. Nice job Tammie! 

"I have recently built a Pipeline that Grabs all of the tables and fields in an app and stores them as a table within the app. It uses JSON to grab formulas and field properties as well. I love it because it is a place I can go to see everything in my app at once. I have attached a small snip-it of some of the fields.."

Published 10 months ago
Version 1.0


  • That's pretty cool! We have been using Ryan Pflederer's App Library for stuff like this, but it would be nice to have a spot directly within the app that houses all this data.

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    Qrew Assistant Captain

    This sounds like an amazing idea for tracking the history of fields.

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    Qrew Assistant Captain

    I do this as well and worked with Ryan on automating updates on mine. I still have to finish the update pipelines, but he helped me start them.