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Q Tip; Keyboard Shortcuts

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10 months ago

Introducing "Q Tips", a blog series designed for Qrew members to share tips with the rest of The Qrew. Q Tips are short and sweet. The idea behind a Q Tip is there's something you do in Quickbase that makes your life easier, and you want to give access to this gold nugget to the rest of The Qrew. 

Do you want to submit your own Q Tip? Join the Champions Program and take the Q Tip challenge! I'll review all submissions and publish entries everyone in The Qrew can benefit from. What do you get? Points, badges, and the priceless feeling of knowing you made The Qrew a little bit smarter today.

Shoutout to @ANGELA RIVERA for sharing a Keyboard Shortcut as her Q Tip.

If you're in a Date field and you type "t", today's date will automatically populate the field.

After chatting with Angela to see if she had any other shortcuts to share, Angela thankfully pointed me to a fantastic blog that @Sharon Faust, The Quick Base Junkie, had written about this same topic, which was where Angela learned this tip.

So cheers to a combined Q Tip from Angela and Sharon! I personally had no idea you could go back a day or forward a day with "[" and "]". If you think you know all the keyboard shortcuts, I'd challenge you to check out this article as there's a lot more than I would have expected. 

Published 10 months ago
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