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Q Tips; December Tips and Tricks from The Qrew

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6 months ago

📢📢📢📢 Introducing "Q Tips", a blog series designed for Qrew members to share tips with the rest of The Qrew. Q Tips are short and sweet. The idea behind a Q Tip is there's something you do in Quickbase that makes your life easier, and you want to give access to this gold nugget to the rest of The Qrew. 

Do you want to submit your own Q Tip? Join the Champions Program and take the Q Tip challenge! I'll review all submissions and publish entries everyone in The Qrew can benefit from. What do you get? Points, badges, and the priceless feeling of knowing you made The Qrew a little bit smarter today.📢📢📢

Here are a few slick Q Tips submitted by The Qrew this month...

Shout out to Fraidy, Chrissy, and Chayce for three awesome Q Tips below. Thanks for making us all a little bit better at Quickbase! 


From @Fraidy Jacoby:

"I have a table that tracks a process. I created a status formula that updates according to where the record stands in terms of the steps required to complete the process. In order to manage the users daily workload, I created a dashboard that uses gauge reports as widgets with one for each status. The user can click on the widget pertaining to one status to work on those records and move them along in the process until it reaches completion. Then the record moves to "closed" status and the number on the "closed" widget goes up!"

@Chrissy Dennis shares: 
"I have some reports that I want to share with my team in a grid edit mode but don't want to give them grid edit capabilities. Uncle Ben was right to tell Spider-Man that with great power comes great responsibility but I need my sales team to be able to edit their leads in the shortest amount of steps. If you add "&dlta=mog&navBack=true" to the end of your report URL it will open the report in a grid edit mode regardless of the user's settings or privileges."
@Chayce Duncan shares: 
"When you're writing formulas, in the editor you can hit ctrl + space on both a PC and a Mac and you will be presented a dropdown list of all the fields and formula references that you can use in the formula builder. You can quickly start typing out the field or function you want and once you have it in view/highlighted you can hit 'enter' to automatically have it populate into your formula. This is great for formulas where you might have long field names that are hard to remember or type, and also saves a lot of time instead of having to click under the 'Choose fields & functions' dropdown with fewer clicks this way."
Published 6 months ago
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