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Q Tips; Shortcut to Search for Fields and Redirect Tip

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9 months ago

Introducing "Q Tips", a blog series designed for Qrew members to share tips with the rest of The Qrew. Q Tips are short and sweet. The idea behind a Q Tip is there's something you do in Quickbase that makes your life easier, and you want to give access to this gold nugget to the rest of The Qrew. 

Do you want to submit your own Q Tip? Join the Champions Program and take the Q Tip challenge! I'll review all submissions and publish entries everyone in The Qrew can benefit from. What do you get? Points, badges, and the priceless feeling of knowing you made The Qrew a little bit smarter today.

We have two Q Tips to share today.

First, @Krunal Thakkar shared the following: 

"In the Formula field if you want to use the field name in the formula then use Ctrl + Space instead of selecting from the drop down of choose fields & functions. This is very useful instead of searching when there is many fields on the form."

If you're finding its taking too long to find that field name, definitely try Krunal's Q Tip!

Next we have a couple ways to change URLs and affect the way Quickbase redirects you when you're done editing a settings page, courtesy of Ralph Tropia. 

Ralph shares as his Q Tip...

"If you are in the settings of a specific table, when you exit the settings, you will be redirected to the app's homepage. sometimes, you dont want that and the best way i've found to go to that table's homepage is to put "td" at the end of a= in the url. for example, settings url: you can simply change this to: and it will take you to that table's page. in addition: you can change the rid on the url as well if you already have the record id# in hand instead of searching for it in the table. example url : you can then change the value after the "rid=" to whatever record id# you want."

So if you find yourself wanting Quickbase to have a different behavior when you're done editing settings, consider Ralph's Q Tip! 

Published 9 months ago
Version 1.0
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