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Qrew Champion Profile - Daniel Carpenter

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9 months ago

Introducing a new blog series, Qrew Champion Profiles, where we get to learn a little bit more about our Qrew Champions. Our Champions program is open for registration. Sign up today, start taking those challenges and climb the rankings until you reach Champion status! 

Champion: Daniel Carpenter, Fed Ex 

Favorite Book/TV Show: The Way of Kings/Criminal Minds
Dream Vacation Spot: Hawaii 
A Superpower You Wish You Had: Flying 
When/How Did You Discover Quickbase? I moved from our Field Ops to our corporate office and was first introduced to Quickbase through an app that we used to manage defects and root cause analysis. 
What Was Your "A-Ha" Moment with Quickbase? When I realized that the app we were managing for defects and root cause analysis was custom-made and not by our IT department.
What Advice Do You Have for New Qrew Members: Look at every user story, every bit of content coming from other Qrew members and think of how it relates to you and your field. It may not be a direct tie-in, but there is likely some overlap.
What Does Being a Qrew Champion Mean To You? It means being seen and recognized as a thought leader in this community.
Published 9 months ago
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