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Qrew Champion Profile - Laura Linssen, J.J. Keller

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12 months ago

Introducing a new blog series, Qrew Champion Profiles, where we get to learn a little bit more about our Qrew Champions. Our Champions program is open for registration. Sign up today, start taking those challenges and climb the rankings until you reach Champion status! 

Qrew Champion Profile: Laura Linssen, J.J. Keller 

Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, Laura Linssen is a connoisseur of cheese curds and all the things that help streamline.

Laura is a Quickbase Developer II at J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of safety and regulatory compliance solutions. 

When she is not using her creativity to problem solve at work, Laura uses her skills to come up with new superstitions to get her favorite, legendary Green Bay football team to another championship.
Here are a few more fun facts about Laura, as well as a glimpse into how she discovered Quickbase, and some tips for those starting their Quickbase journey today! 
Favorite book or TV show (or both)? 
I absolutely love Lucifer, iZombie or Ghosts.
Dream Vacation Locale? 
What's a superpower you want? 
When and how did you discover Quickbase? 
I was working as a Workflow Management Specialist and needed a way to keep track of what our offshore team was working on and sending them work. I started playing around [with Quickbase] and next thing I know, I'm certified, building and creating new positions for myself within my organization all based around what I have built. 
Describe your 'a-ha' moment - what was the breakthrough moment for you with Quickbase? 
When I finally conquered and mastered formulas. So many things you can do with a good formula. 
What's something you have learned from being a member of The Qrew? 
That we all come from different walks of life, but have a great thing in common: we are nerds who love Quickbase and want to see people thrive using it. 
What advice do you have for new Qrew members? 
Speak up, reach out, ask all the questions. 
What does being a Qrew Champion mean to you? 
It means that I can be a mentor to someone just starting out, or someone who has used Quickbase for years and give some fun and creative insights into what they are trying to achieve. 
Published 12 months ago
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