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Qrew Champion Profile - Sherry (Blackburn) Morris

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11 months ago

Introducing a new blog series, Qrew Champion Profiles, where we get to learn a little bit more about our Qrew Champions. Our Champions program is open for registration. Sign up today, start taking those challenges and climb the rankings until you reach Champion status! 

A frequent flyer in Customer Networks meetings, Sherry Blackburn has been a longtime Quickbase advocate working for PeaceHealth. She was active in our Quickbase Heroes program, and has already jumped into the fray taking all on challenges within Quickbase Champions. 

Sherry is also a newlywed! Per Sherry, after decades of "fiercely independent singledom", Sherry's sister re-introduced her to a lifelong friend, and this past March the two tied the knot! 

Sherry accepted the challenge to share a little bit about herself. Additionally, we've shared a few quotes from the Quickbase staff members who have worked closely with Sherry.

What's your favorite book or TV show (or both)? 

That's like asking me to pick my favorite child...

What's your dream vacation locale? 

Anywhere with white sand/blue water or mountains. 

What's a superpower you would want to have? 

I want to fly!

When and how did you discover Quickbase? 

I was looking for anything that would help me not have to use MS Access and someone said "Psst, go talk to Dan in engineering..."

Describe your "a-ha" moment - what was the breakthrough moment for you with Quickbase?

When I was able to turn a federal reporting task from a 3 month search of miscellaneous spreadsheets in 10 different places into a 3 click process.

What advice do you have for new Qrew members? 

Dive in and don't be shy. The more we all ask and share, the more we all learn and grow.

What does being a Qrew Champion mean to you? 

It's an honor to share, learn, and grow in this community. 

Quotes about Sherry from those at Quickbase who know her well:

"I had the pleasure of working with Sherry for roughly two years and was blown away every time we connected. She is a Quickbase expert and always willing to dive in to learn more about the platform. She is one of the most positive, engaging and helpful builders I've had the opportunity to work with." - Jill Breitner, Senior Customer Success Manager, Quickbase 

"Sherry has been working in the Quickbase platform for almost a decade and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone with more skills. She is intelligent, strategic and organized with the best sense of humor. Working with Sherry is an absolute delight." - Tonya Shriver, Senior Tech Enablement Consultant, former colleague to Sherry at PeaceHealth

Feel free to drop @Sherry Blackburn a message and connect with her 1x1. She's a passionate Quickbase advocate and is always open to sharing how to maximize Quickbase apps!

Published 11 months ago
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