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Qrew Discussions Rankings Explained

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2 months ago

Hi Everyone, here's a summary of our Ranking system, a list of the rankings, and how you can rise in the rankings here in Qrew Discussions.

First, what's our Ranking System? Where can I find my ranking? 

The Ranking System is designed to provide each member of Qrew Discussions with a rank that correlates to their level of engagement with The Qrew. As you rise in the rankings, you unlock new permissions for how you can engage with this community. As we have rankings already existing in the Qrew Champions program, Qrew Discussions will now use the same system and hierarchy (Member > Captain > Chief > Champion). To add more fun, we've introduced more rankings in between these ranks just in Qrew Discussions to show your progress in reaching a new permission unlock.

You can find your ranking by going to your avatar in the top right of your screen and selecting "Profile". 

What are the rankings? What ranks higher than others? How can I rise in the rankings?

See below for a table that spells out each ranking, sorted from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom. In bold you will find the ranks that unlock new permissions within the experience of this website, allowing you access to new features and functionality. Permission changes will occur when you reach the levels of Qrew Captain, Qrew Chief, and Qrew Champion. 

There are secret levels you can reach beyond Champion. How does one get there? That's entirely up to you to find out. But all Qrew Champions have the ability to continue to rise. As of the publishing of this blog, there are no members of The Qrew in our secret levels.

The way you rise in the rankings is through your engagement. Replying to questions, asking questions, receiving likes, providing likes, having your answers marked as "Solutions" are all ways for you climb the ladder. So dive on in and get started! 

Ranking Permission Changes
The Secretest of Levels  Based on Discussion with Community Manager
Super Secret Level  " "
Secret Level  " "
Qrew Champion All Chiefs permissions + 1x1 discussion with Community Manager for more defined role/access
Qrew #1 Challenger Same permissions as Chief
Qrew Master Same permissions as Chief
Qrew Legend Same permissions as Chief
Qrew Specialist Same permissions as Chief
Qrew Chief All permissions of Captain + new permissions unavailable to Captains
Qrew Deputy Same permissions as Captain
Qrew Elite Same permissions as Captain
Qrew Commander Same permissions as Captain
Qrew Officer Same permissions as Captain
Qrew Captain  Same permissions as Qrew Members plus new permissions not available to Members
Qrew Assistant Captain Same permissions as Member
Qrew Cadet Same permissions as Member
Qrew Trainee Same permissions as Member
Qrew Member Provided after 1st contribution to Qrew Discussions
Passive Ranks Provided post registration and pre 1st contribution
Published 2 months ago
Version 1.0
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