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Quick Base April 2018 Release Notes

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7 years ago
Our April 2018 release is coming up and our Quick Base release notes can be found here:

Some highlights coming to Quick Base in April include:
  • Enhanced audit logs include record access plus when a user, table, or app is created
  • Access all your admin functions with the new Admin Console
  • Build formulas more easily with auto suggestions in the formula builder
Early Access
Quick Base University
  • New Continuing Education Series
  • New Quick Base Qualification Badges
Coming Soon
  • New My Apps page coming in May

These highlighted features and more can be found in further detail in our May release notes. The May release will be available starting Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page. 

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Published 7 years ago
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  • Interesting and exciting!! 

    Quick Base Automations: Early access continues

    An automation is a set of defined rules that automatically perform actions. Automations reduce repetitive steps, replace manual processes, and ensure clean data.

    Each automation consists of a trigger, which starts the automation, and one or more actions that happen in a specific order. Actions can add, modify, or delete records, or run a previously created table-to-table import. You can also streamline automations by pulling in data from a trigger or previous actions.

  • Hi Jim,

    Yes the Automations tool is a very exciting one that hit our early access last month. It is a very handy tool that can be set up to automate certain processes and streamline a work flow. I have already made use of it in two of my own applications to help me simplify adding in new records and cascading data. I encourage anyone who is interested in Automations and helping us to improve the service before general release to think about signing up or asking their Account Admin to sign them up. The functionality can be turned on for a realm or only a single app if a builder wanted to test the tool for themselves without interrupting the flow of their live applications.