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Quick Base February Release Notes

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Qrew Elite
7 years ago
Our February release is right around the corner and our Quick Base release notes can be found here:

Some highlights from this release include:
  • New Calendar Reports Simplify Using and Sharing Information
  • Manage User Sessions
  • Edit your usersÕ information directly in the new User Info panel
  • Ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • Updated Zapier Connector: Beta
  • Opt-In: Create all types of formulas more efficiently with real-time error checking
These highlighted changes and more can be found in further detail in our February release notes. The February release will be available starting Sunday, February 25th, 2018.
Published 7 years ago
Version 1.0


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    Qrew Captain
    Calendars look great.

    What are the chances we can add the option to hide the 'New Item" button on the grid edit reports.
    Good idea, but needs to be an option to turn off, (like the save button at the bottom of the form).

    Especially problematic on forms that use the 'editable' option.  This whole form just got smacked in the face with the last update.

  • I do  know Sam has mentioned that his team is looking at how that button displays and some changes they can make to either the wording or placement, etc.