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Quick Hits"" Webinar Tackling HR Process Challenges February 12th

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6 years ago
Once seen as routine, onboarding and performance management have now become critical parts of how employees judge their workplaces and how employers engage their people Ð and everyoneÕs expectations have risen.

Forward-thinking HR leaders have recognized the value of these crucial experiences as a way to boost engagement, retention, and performance from Day One.

But using rigid, outdated tools or trying to coordinate with many departments by emailing around spreadsheets can hurt your HR teamÕs productivity and the employee experience.

Find out how to tackle these common challenges in a LIVE presentation on Tuesday, February 12th at 1pm ET / 10am PT, including demos and Q&A.

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Published 6 years ago
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  • Hi Melizzza,

    It should be available now to watch on the same page I linked above, our previous webinars are usually available on our Webinars page after they air here as well once they have had a chance to load them up. Thank you for your time today and I hope you enjoy the webinar.
  • Just curious, the link to watch this webinar just loops back to signing up for Quickbase. Doesn't appear to be available on demand. Was really hoping to watch it and couldn't when first aired...
  • Hi Brian,I'm sorry to hear you are running into that issue trying to access it. I'm going to reach out to check in on that and see why you are getting that loop. The intention is to have it up for viewing. Once I hear back on what is going on I'll let you know. Thank you for your patience while I look into this.
  • Hi Brian,

    If you check now it should be available to watch and that loop should be resolved. Certainly let me know if you are still having any issues.
  • Hi Brian,

    We seem to be having a little trouble with that page. I let the team working on it know there is an issue with it going to the wrong video now. Once I can confirm that it is directing to the right video I'll let you know, sorry about that. 
  • Sorry about that delay, we had a bit of a technical issue but now the HR webinar page will lead you to the right video. Thank you for bearing with us while we sorted that out.