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Quickbase & Procore - Partnering to Fuel Integrated Business Innovation

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2 years ago

Introducing a new partnership between Quickbase and Procore

As we continue to invest in our mission to help Quickbase customers see, connect, and control their most complex projects, we are always looking for opportunities to add more valuable capabilities and offerings.  That’s why we are so excited to announce our new partnership with Procore, the industry leading construction management tool that is purpose-built to help construction companies, specialty contractors, and property owners take control of their construction project outcomes.  Working together, Quickbase and Procore unlock innovative business-led solutions for the unique workflow challenges faced by teams during each phase a project, from planning and procurement to construction and closeout.

This partnership is made possible by our new Procore channel in Quickbase Pipelines.  We have been developing and testing this new integration between Procore and Quickbase throughout the year, and based on feedback from beta participants we have already added support for more than a dozen different data types in Procore, and nearly 100 different pre-built triggers, actions and queries.  This new integration opens the door for us to help you extend Procore and create integrated apps that address the real-time workflow requirements specific to your organization, which Procore doesn’t support.

  • Add more detail to project data in Procore by integrating custom Fields and Data Types managed in Quickbase
  • Automate project workflows and resource allocation with Quickbase Pipelines to enhance team productivity and collaboration
  • Connect data siloed in both SaaS and legacy systems using pre-built Pipelines channels aggregate data and uncover new insights

In addition to our new integration, we are also excited about the opportunity to spend more time with you, our customers, as we join Procore at more industry-specific events.  We are looking forward to being at Procore’s upcoming Groundbreak 2022 conference, where we hope that those of you planning to attend will join us at out our session on Integrated Technology Strategies with Anthony Chiaradonna (CIO, Consigli Construction), or just drop by our booth to chat!

Getting Access

Turning on the Procore channel in Pipelines

If you already have an idea of what you want to do with our new Procore channel, then you’ll want to know how to get started. As of today, the Procore Channel is not yet visible to all customers by default. The channel will become visible to all customers as part of our October release, but if you’re so excited that you want to start using it now then you’re in luck!

  • All customers who have purchased one of our Building Project Bundles have already been given access to the Procore channel
  • Customers that haven’t purchased a bundle can still request early access by creating a new Support Case to let us know that you’re interested

Once the Procore channel has been made available to your account, any account administrator can navigate to the Pipelines tab in the Admin Console to turn on the channel for Pipelines users.

Getting Started

Once you have access to the Procore Channel, it’s time to create a new Pipeline!  As always, you’ll need to authenticate to give Pipelines access to Procore when you create your first Pipeline with the new channel.  

Once authentication is taken care of, here are few ideas for Pipelines that you may be interested in trying:

  • Syncing projects in Procore with a Projects table in Quickbase
  • Making bulk updates to project assignments, adding/removing users from projects 
  • Creating and update a file that is currently stored outside of Procore

To learn more about how to begin implementing those ideas, check out our Help topic where we cover authentication requirements, channel capabilities, use case examples and more.

Published 2 years ago
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