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Quickbase COVID-19 Response

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5 years ago

LAST UPDATE: March 30, 2020  


With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and reports of the increased spread of the disease, we're doing all we can to ensure the health and safety of our employees while maintaining our commitment to our customers. We've put together this FAQ to help address some of your most pressing questions. 

Are Quickbase offices closed? What happens if Quickbase offices are closed?   
Our office locations are officially closed and our employees are all working from home.

We are well-positioned to work from home—we use best-in-class technologies (including Quickbase) to support our operations and enable productive remote work. Business will be uninterrupted and we will continue to operate normally—you should see no impact to your interactions with us. You will have the same access to our team, including the Customer Care team and any other services.  

What precautions are Quickbase employees taking?  
All employees have been asked to work from home. Additionally, Quickbase employees have been advised to self quarantine if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or exhibiting related symptoms.  

All travel, domestic or international, is on hold. We are also asking any on-site visits to be rescheduled or move to a virtual format. 

What if my Quickbase point of contact is ill/unable to work?   
Our customer teams are all cross-trained and keep detailed records of all interactions and commitments, enabling other team members to step in as needed. Any change to your points of contact will be communicated to you.   

Will the Quickbase platform be impacted? 
No—there is no platform dependency on any of our physical offices, so a shift to remote work does not impact our services.  

Each component of the infrastructure which powers Quickbase — from network equipment to web, app and database servers—is highly available and redundant. If something were to drastically impact our production services, our data recovery capabilities are best in class. Continuous operation of Quickbase services including the Quickbase platform is not dependent on Quickbase personnel working from Quickbase offices; all monitoring and administration of the Quickbase platform may be done remotely over secure encrypted connections.    

Further details regarding the reliability of the Quickbase platform can be found at


What about upcoming Quickbase events?    

We think it’s more important now than ever to bring our community together to connect. As a result, we’ve decided to make Empower a free, digital-only experience the week of June 1, followed by an Empower roadshow this fall. Unfortunately, that means we are cancelling the in-person element in San Diego. Refunds will be provided for all registrants. 

Details and FAQ here:

I have additional questions...   
Please contact your account team for more information.    
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