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Quickbase Data Center Switch

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7 years ago

Quickbase Data Center Switch


In order to ensure the availability of the Quickbase platform, Quickbase hosts the core infrastructure components of the platform in two geographically diverse data centers. Quickbase can run actively in only one location at a time with the other location running in standby mode. At least twice per year we need to switch between the two data centers as part of our normal disaster recovery plan validation process. The Quickbase platform instances in both sites are always identical so there will be no change in Quickbase function or performance. Switching between data centers allows us to ensure that Quickbase’s disaster recovery plan is tested and working properly should there ever be a real disaster.

Key Messages

1. As part of our disaster recovery plan validation process, Quickbase will be switching the active instance of the platform, i.e., the instance used by our customers and partners, at least twice per year.

2. We will announce upcoming data center switches at least 10 calendar days ahead of the switch by posting a notice on the Quickbase service page. (

3. Quickbase will be unavailable during a switch for no more than 1 hour normally and that down time is the only impact of the switch on customers and partners.

4. There will be NO change in how Quickbase functions or performs and NO change in Quickbase's availability, disaster recovery, security, or compliance (

5. There will be NO change in the certificates used by Quickbase.

6. The specific IP address that is resolved by your browser or API program when you access Quickbase will NOT change. This is due to our use of the Cloudflare DDOS protection service which provides a consistent set of IP addresses for the Quickbase platform regardless of which data center is active

Published 7 years ago
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