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Scroll and Load Forms / Embedded Report Ajax

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6 years ago
You may have recently heard, either from one of our Quick Base Solution Providers or on the Community, about Scroll and Load Forms (aka Embedded Report Ajax).
The feature effectively makes it so embedded reports do not load with the form. They load when the report comes into focus (i.e., scrolling or if it is nested in a tab).

 This feature will have the most value in one or more of the following scenarios: 

  1. The embedded reports are not shown immediately when forms load (they aren't visible at the top).
  2. The performance profiler shows that the embedded reports are contributing to load time.
  3. The embedded reports, even if loading quickly, are not often used. I.e., if you have a Customers form with an embedded report of Activities that isn't viewed often by users, putting that in a tab called "Activities".
We have been piloting this feature with some partners and would like to gather more feedback from users. If you are interested in having this feature turned on for your realm or a specific application as part of Early Access, please have your account/realm admin open a support case and our Care team will escalate the request to have it enabled.

Currently, the feature is limited to table and summary reports.

If this pilot goes well, we will evaluate turning this on platform-wide. Note that there is an override an app admin can use to turn this behavior off at the form level if needed, in extenuating circumstances.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments here.
Published 6 years ago
Version 1.0