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See you on the Internet... Connect with The Qrew in February!

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4 months ago

Happy February (or as I like to say happy FABuary)! This year is a leap year which is a good thing – we have such a jam-packed month full of Customer Network meetings & Webinars that we need the extra day.  

Below is a list of all our events for the month complete with registration links and agendas. As always you can see all of these listed on  

See you on the internet!

  • Quickbase guru Sam Trachy, will share an awesome app he built for manufacturers: multi-barcode scanning that includes a map of a warehouse showing asset location. You may know Sam from the daily Quickbase office hours. 

  • James Travaglini, Quickbase Solutions Consultant, will be sharing Quickbase's international capabilities. We will cover localizing experiences in your apps. This content will be especially relevant to customers that have apps being accessed by users in countries outside of the USA. 

  • Jim Harrison from Harder Mechanical will be showcasing a tip on how to manage Quickbase users and their access to certain applications as a Realm admin using Postman and Okta's SSO. This session will include a reference guide to download and implement for your organization. Be sure to register for the customer network meeting to receive a copy of the reference guide and recording. 

  • Join the Customer Success team as they showcase tools that can help identify areas to improve your applications, they. Including how to optimize the performance of your apps using Quickbase’s Performance Insights, and the Performance Analyzer. 

  • Quickbase's Tod & Kaity will present an OSHA app that customers can request. This app covers, tracks and reports on all safety and health workplace activities and incidents. Join us to find out how this app will work for you and how to request it! 

  • Matthew Frye from the Quickbase FastField team who will provide an overview of Fastfield and showcase the user field experience on mobile and talk about the upcoming roadmap. 

  • Join the Customer Success team as we share expertise, best practices, and advice to help you go from inheriting an app to really owning the app. In this engaging webinar, you'll learn valuable tips and recommendations to confidently take charge of your inherited apps and make them your own. 

  • Charlie Murawski, Sr Product Manager, will be sharing an exciting new addition to the Quickbase Exchange: Jinja snippets. He will highlight a couple of jinja snippets currently in the exchange and how you can utilize them in your own pipelines. 

  • Cullen Coates from Crystal Bay Solutions and Vanessa Young from 30KFT, will demonstrate how they have improved attendance tracking and daily activity logging for the kids in their program using Quickbase.  


Other Quickbase Qrew events: 

    • Mihir Mulloth from City of Philadelphia and Quickbase’s Manny De La Cruz will connect with the Qrew from the Philadelphia area in the hopes to start a local user group. The focus of the first call will be around the current Quickbase Product Roadmap, special guest Brian Cafferelli from Quickbase Product Marketing will be in attendance. 

    • Mike Westin of Veilsun and Quickbase’s Nico Cantillo will launch the Denver Qrew, with the focus of the first meetup. The top is AI Capabilities and, Product Manager Harlean Stevenson be present, allowing for an engaging conversation on what Quickbase can focus in on with respect to AI features.  

    • Aidon Olligshlager of Pentastar Aviation and Quickbase Account Executive Gareth Hughes will the kick-off for the aviation industry.  

    • Nichole Braswell of Sympo talking about Calendar Quirks, like Leap Day, and how to account for these quirks as a citizen developer.  

Published 4 months ago
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