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Tips for Posting a Question

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7 years ago
Welcome to the Quick Base Community, a place for users of all levels to collaborate on questions, share ideas, and help each other in an open and kind environment. One of the best ways to interact with the Community is to ask a Question. Below are some suggestions we have found helpful and our Community members suggested for making sure your Question is noticed and gives the information our Community members need to help you find a solution. 

Categorize Your Question

When you post a question make sure you are posting the category it belongs in. This helps to highlight your question. For example if your question is on a formula to help you identify a record that is overdue it would belong in the Formulas and Functions Category. Alternatively, if the question is about how to create a relationship between two tables, Relationships would be a better home. This helps us to categorize questions and the resulting solutions so that those who want to help can find them and in the futures other's can benefit from your questions. Tagging it in too many categories can be confusing, so try to pick the ones that are more relevant to your issue.

Show and Tell

When possible include a screenshot of the issue you are running into if relevant. For example, if building a form and looking for a specific set up it can be very handy to include a screenshot indicating what part of the Form you are working in, what is missing, and if possible what you are hoping to add. The only thing you want to be sure of when posting a screenshot is that it doesn't include any sensitive data you wouldn't want to share to the public. I have attached a screenshot of where you can find this option when posting below. 


Where Does it Hurt?

When asking about Error Messages you are receiving it can be handy to include the subject of the error message and the specifics of the warning you are seeing. You can also find more about our Error Codes here and in our Help

Frame Your Formulas

It can be very handy to place a formula in the
 tag as it highlights the formula as distinct from your question and helps to identify the formula you are working with. This helps to draw the eye for those helping you to the formula and make sure it doesn't run together with the rest of your question. 

If([Question Answered]="No", "Ask Question", "Offer Help")
You can find the pre tag here:

Thank you for joining the Quick Base Community and asking your questions and offering your expertise. At Quick Base we learn best as a Community.
Published 7 years ago
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  • I had a tip to share, not a question but could not figure out how to change the type of post. I did post with Categories, but the initial field that defaults to ? could not be changed